Canadian Education Association (CEA)

What we do:

CEA initiates and sustains dialogue throughout the country influencing public policy issues in education for the ongoing development of a robust, democratic society and a prosperous and sustainable economy.

How we work:

CEA relies on good theory and research evidence as the foundation on which to build shared understanding towards commitment to act. CEA works together with organizations that share our values in building vibrant public education and learning systems fundamental to democratic and civil society.

What we stand for:

* Strong, vibrant publicly funded education and learning systems as the cornerstone of a democratic society characterized by equity and diversity. * Canada's children and young people and serve as keen advocates for their education and well-being. * Quality, excellence and creativity in teaching and promotion of continuous improvement in all aspects of the education systems. * Learning that contributes to the growth and development of human beings, and builds their capacity to shape their lives, their communities, their workplaces and their country. * Robust leadership, informed dialogue and debate, and research-based analysis of complex educational issues to promote coherent and meaningful responses. * Partnerships and collaboration engaging students, families, community members and educators in sharing responsibility for the education and well-being of children and youth.

Contact Info

317 Adelaide Street West, Suite 300

Toronto Ontario

Phone: (416) 591-6300
Fax: (416) 591-5345


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