Canadian Bankers Association (CBA)

Established in 1891, the CBA is the main representative body for banks in Canada and the country’s oldest industry association. All chartered banks are eligible for membership and currently all domestic and virtually all foreign banks doing business in Canada are members. The CBA is funded by its members and works with them to promote the strength and continued success of the industry, while building a greater understanding of the banking sector. The mission of the Association is to be a leading contributor in the development of public policy on the financial services sector. Through a wide range of activities including consultations, reports, submissions, speeches, publications and fact sheets, the CBA helps promote an understanding of the banking industry to the Canadian public, all levels of governments, international bodies, interest groups and the media. The Association also provides a forum for dialogue between these groups and the banks. Both nationally and internationally, the Association actively co-operates with other organizations in developing industry standards and conventions to enhance the efficiency and soundness of the financial system.

Contact Info

Box 348
Commerce Court West
Toronto Ontario

Phone: (416) 362-6092
Fax: (416) 362-7705


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