Business Writing Essentials

Exclusive – Learn the tools and techniques to elevate your business writing skills and ensure effective communication.

Course Outline

Writing ability is a core business skill that not all professionals are comfortable with. This course will teach you the tools and techniques to write clearly and concisely. Define and streamline your writing process using the path to understanding model to set the stage for audience analysis. Identify your audience and determine their needs in order to adapt your style and tailor powerful messages that are appropriate in format and tone. Structure your content to support objectives. Create powerful openings and conclusions, and construct compelling sentences and paragraphs to retain attention. Recognize and correct common grammar mistakes as you review and edit using the 6 Cs method. From business announcements to executive summaries, learn to refine your business writing style to get the results you need.

  • Write clear, concise, and organized emails
  • Write well-structured briefs and reports
  • Identify the characteristics of a well-written proposal
  • Select the most appropriate modality for your message
  • Apply best practices and grammar rules to your writing
  • Assess audience needs
  • Plan content based on scenarios
  • Build effective sentences and turn them into paragraphs
  • Peer review/proofread documents

1. Write a Baseline Email
2. Apply Best Practices
  • Business writing
  • Business style
  • Business writing best practices
  • 6 Cs
3. Assess the Audience
  • The writing process
  • Planning your message
  • Setting a communication objective
  • Assessing your audience
  • The path to understanding
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Identifying stakeholder needs and preferences
4. Plan the Content
  • Planning your message
  • Structure
5. Find the Language Convention Problems
  • Language conventions
  • Grammar basics
  • Misplaced modifiers
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
6. Build Effective Sentences and Paragraphs
  • Structuring sentences
  • Transitions
  • Structuring paragraphs
  • Word choice
  • Usage
  • Literally
  • Meaning and connotation
  • Words to use carefully
  • Active vs. passive voice
  • Bullets vs. numbering
  • Trim your writing
7. Write a Project Update
  • Project updates
  • Writer's block
8. Write an Announcement
  • Announcements
9. Select Appropriate Level of Tone and Formality
  • Formal vs. informal writing
  • Tone
  • Delivering bad news
10. Handle Written Conflict
  • Sources of conflict
  • Writing in conflict situations
  • Managing conflict
11. Edit a Proposal
  • Proposals
  • Evidence-based support
  • Elements of a proposal
12. Select a Modality
  • Business communication modalities
13. Write an Exec Summary
  • Reports
  • Elements of a report
  • Exec summaries
14. Revisit Your Email Writing Skills

This course qualifies you for the following PMI® Professional Development Units (PDUs):
Classroom Live and Virtual Classroom Live
Leadership = 4
Strategic and Business Management = 10
Total = 14 

Training Location

GK atc ctc Vancouver
1155 West Pender Suite 650

Vancouver, BC