Careers in Transition Toronto Excel, Word, Powerpoint and softskills training

CIT's mission is to provide Canadian businesses with superior technical and professional skills training in support of greater productivity, profits and competitiveness.

Offering Microsoft Excel training, Word Training, PowerPoint Training, Outlook Training, Management Training, Communications Training and more in Toronto.

Since 1986, CAREERS IN TRANSITION (CIT) has been providing comprehensive technical and professional training to Canadian businesses. We enhance both the productivity and profitability within a company by developing its staff in the various skills necessary to compete in the New Global Economy.

Our technical and professional training programs are directed at the very core of the productivity and profitability issues and expose the attendee's attention to the challenges and demands of the new economy. At every appropriate juncture in the course of developing the staff, a strong correlation is presented to the attendee to reinforce the simple concept of "Collective Success";

  • when the individual succeeds the company succeeds; when the company succeeds the individual succeeds
  • A simple concept of interdependence, often forgotten by both management and staff

For lack of a better definition we call this approach "multi-level solution initiative". Simply, by diverting the focus of office automation back to content, legitimacy, organization, consistency and security, from "unnecessary cosmetics". With this single and simple approach the benefiting organization experiences improved methods and procedures affecting productivity and profit. We train staff to focus on the relevant components Vis a Vis the peripheral, and, in most cases, irrelevant issues.

We further complement our training with the equally important development of professional and personal skills (or soft skills). Once again, each facet of our training emphasizes the need to stay competitive, create new sales opportunities, and increase profit. We believe and profess the collective benefit where only skill development and commitment will secure a future for both the employer and employee. In this we are unique in the industry.
Our curriculum for each session can be made client specific; CIT can focus and fine-tune the sessions to specific company-wide needs. Whether the training entails Internet, desktop applications, or personal development skills training, we can provide it at your location or at one of our training facilities.

Take a session with us and confirm the effectiveness of our approach and our claims. As you experience our training you will see that we go that extra step.


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