Word 2013 Level 2 (Intermediate)

Course Outline

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

MS Word 2013 makes document creation quick, professional and simple. The use of pre-designed templates, styles, graphics and quick parts allows users to design and edit documents with ease and speed.

Learning Objectives:
The addition of built in design elements enable users to produce professional looking published documents with relative ease. Upon completion of the course, you will:
- Use and Create Custom Templates
- Create Styles
- Perform Mail Merges
- Track Changes
- Create a Table of Contents and Index
- Insert Footnotes and Endnotes, Captions, Bookmarks, Cross-References and Citations
- Insert SmartArt, Screenshots and Charts us new graphic elements and the new ribbons
- Create and use Tables with new and improved formatting features.

Target Student:
This Course is designed for users who wish to improve functionality and appearance of documents. This course builds on the knowledge of basic skills and incorporates the new editing features of Microsoft Word.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Creating Templates

Creating a Template
Saving a Template
Using a Template
Editing a Template
Attaching a Template to a Document

Section 2: Working with Styles
Creating Styles
Applying Styles to Text
Modifying Styles
Deleting Styles
Saving Style Sets

Section 3: Performing a Mail Merge
Starting the Wizard
Choosing a Document
Selecting a Starting Document
Selecting Recipients
Creating Your Document
Previewing Your Document
Completing the Merge

Section 4: Reviewing Documents
Tracking Changes
Navigating Through Tracked Changes
Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Showing and Hiding Markup

Section 5: Creating a Table of Contents
Marking Headings
Inserting a Pre-Built Table of Contents
Inserting a Custom Table of Contents
Updating a Table of Contents
Removing a Table of Contents

Section 6: Creating an Index
Marking Index Entries
Inserting an Index
Updating an Index
Customizing the Index with Styles
Removing an Index

Section 7: Creating References in a Document
Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes
Inserting Captions
Inserting Bookmarks
Creating Cross-References
Inserting Citations
Inserting a Bibliography

Section 8: Inserting Art and Objects
Inserting Tables
Inserting Charts
Inserting SmartArt
Inserting Screenshots

Section 9: The Finishing Touches
Checking Spelling
Inserting Page Numbers
Adding Headers and Footers

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