Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Intermediate (Available in English or French)

The main focus of this 2-day course is to efficiently use workbooks and the different management and data analysis tools available. Working with charts and exploring data analysis tools.

Course Outline

Syllabus :
What is a workbook;
Working with several sheets in a workbook;
Modifying the number of sheets contained in a workbook;
Moving and copying sheets;
Displaying multiple windows;
Viewing several sheets of the same workbook;
Protecting sheets;
Hiding and displaying sheets;
Mastering the rules used for naming cells;
Consolidating data;
Creating a three dimensional formula;
Adding a range of data using the instant data analysis tools;
The Watch Window.

General information about charts;
Understanding the different components that are used to create a chart;
Creating the appropriate chart that is best tailored to your data;
Customizing a chart;
Quickly changing the overall appearance of your charts;
Changing the format of a chart;
Adding drawings to a chart;
Displaying animations contained in charts;
Exploring the different types of charts;
Creating and using Pie charts;
Using data analysis tools;
Creating a bank of custom charts.

Lists (Databases):
Creating a database;
Adding data;
Data validation;
Using the sort features;
Working with filters;
Using an advanced filter;
Using conditional formatting;
Performing calculations within a database;
Creating a Pivot Table that is best tailored to your data;
Using a list of fields to create different types of Pivot Tables.

Functions and Data Analysis Tools:
Mastering the rules used for naming cells;
Creating formulas using functions;
Understanding Excel's functions;
Using Search functions;
Using Logical functions;
Using Statistical and Mathematical functions;
Using Text functions;
Using Financial functions and the Goal Seek tool.

Exploring Data Analysis Tools:
Managing views;
Managing reports;
Managing scenarios.

New Features in the 2013 Version:
Incorporating data contained in a worksheet directly into a web page.
Sharing an Excel worksheet during an online meeting

Training Location

1440, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest 10th Floor

Montreal, Quebec