PowerPoint 2013 Level 2 (Advanced)

Upon completion, you will be able to work with slide masters and templates, insert sounds & movies, create a Chart & an Organization chart, create custom shows, summary slides and hyperlinks, import and export files and use the Pack and Go functionality.

Course Outline

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 makes presentations interesting, informative and memorable using a variety of features that enhance the presenter's ability to capture and engage an audience with well-designed slides using sound, movement and graphic elements.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will expand your knowledge of PowerPoint by using more advanced animation features, sound and video. You will:
- Customize the User Interface
- Add Headers and Footers
- Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master
- Modify SmartArt
- Add Audio to a Presentation
- Add Video to a Presentation
- Create a Custom Slide Show
- Add Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
- Record a Presentation
- Broadcast a Slide Show
- Create a Video

Target Student:
This course is designed for people who wish to improve their knowledge and presentation skills, create entertaining and informative presentations and deliver effective, useful material to audiences. 

Course Outline:
Section 1: Using Slide Masters

Opening Slide Master View
Creating Slide Layouts
Working with Placeholders
Changing the Slide Layout
Preserving Slide Masters
Updating Master Slides

Section 2: Using Handout Masters
Opening Handout Master View
Editing the Handout Master
Setting Layout Options
Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word

Section 3: Using Notes Masters
Opening Notes Master View
Editing the Notes Master
Setting Layout Options
Printing Notes Pages

Section 4: Advanced Slide Tasks
Creating a Basic Animation
Customizing Animations
Using the Animation Painter
Adding a Transition
Customizing Transitions

Section 5: Advanced Animation Techniques, Part One
Choosing a Basic Effect
Setting Effect Options
Customizing the Trigger
Editing the Motion Path
Setting Start Options
Modifying Duration and Delay

Section 6: Advanced Animation Techniques, Part Two
Setting Animation Options
Changing the Order of Animations
Using the Animation Painter
Using the Animation Pane

Section 7: Working with Action Buttons, Part One
Using Action Buttons to Link to Other Slides
Deleting the Button

Section 8: Working with Action Buttons, Part Two
Designing the Button
Creating a Basic Mouse Over Button
Clearing the Action

Section 9: Creating a Custom Show
Hiding a Single Slide
Creating a Custom Show
Editing a Custom Show
Presenting a Custom Show
Deleting a Custom Show

Section 10: Embedding Objects in a Presentation
Inserting an Embedded Object
Editing Embedded Objects
Using Embedded Objects in a Presentation
Deleting Embedded Objects

Section 11: Linking Objects in a Presentation
Creating a Linked Object
Opening the Linked Item
Updating Linked Objects
Using Linked Objects in a Presentation
Deleting Linked Objects

Training Location

CompuEase Training Classroom
130 Albert Street Suite 801

Ottawa, ON