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Seminar Marketing Service

Have a seminar to market? Our seminar marketing service can help you attract more clients to your training seminars and workshops.

You work hard marketing your workshops. You build your lists, create great seminar marketing materials, run a top-notch marketing campaign but still you have empty seats in your workshop. As the person responsible for seminar marketing you know how profitable each registration is and recognize the lost revenue opportunity each empty seat represents. Not just for this seminar, but for future ones at all. If only there was a service that could augment your current seminar marketing campaign, helping to sell some of those empty registrations, improving your visibility and build your list.

Now there is thanks to Last Minute Training. Last Minute Training Corp.'s unique seminar marketing service will help you:

  1. Fill empty seats in your seminars (bring more ears to your teleseminars)
  2. Improve your visibilty through exposure to our membership
  3. Enhance your SEO efforts through valuable backlinks from our site
  4. Receive feedback on your seminar offering
  5. and much more ...

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