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Design and implement strategies for customizing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 applications.

  • Course Start Date: 2018-12-17
  • Time: 09:00:00 - 16:00:00
  • Duration: 3 days 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Location: Edmonton
  • Delivery Methods(s): Instructor Led
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Course Outline


Before attending this course, students must have:

A working knowledge of how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
A basic understanding of Microsoft SQL Server and relational database functionality
Completed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 applications training


This 3-day Instructor Led Training course is intended for IT professionals and developers interested in customizing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 applications.

This course uses structured walk-throughs in each module to put into practice what has just been introduced by the trainer. There's also a lab at the end of each module with “high-level” requirements as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions. A number of the modules also incorporate a “Stretch Yourself” lab for more advanced students or for those who simply work at a faster rate than others.

After each module's lab(s), a set of questions are posed to test students' understanding of the material.

  • Design and implement strategies for the creation of Business Units and Security Roles
  • Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users and Teams
  • Describe the principles of customizing the system
  • Create and configure fields for both custom and system entities
  • Create and configure custom entities including standard and activity entities
  • Design, create, and configure relationships between entities
  • Create and configure views, charts, and forms for both system and custom entities
  • Implement field security and access team templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Design, create, and configure solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Design, create, and configure business rules and business process flows to guide users through their work


Module 1: Introduction

The first module prompts students to take control of their development environment through local and system settings. Next, the available Solution types – Unmanaged and Managed – are introduced and their relationship to the Default Solution is explored. Module One ends with the introduction of the rolling scenario, which informs all of the walk-throughs and labs in this course, and the companion courses.
  • Enable system-wide changes to the CRM 2015 environment
  • Understand the role of Solutions in CRM 2015
  • Establish a Publisher to track the source of changes in a CRM installation
  • Understand the purpose of the rolling scenario
Module 2: Security Issues

The second module focuses on entity-level security through the deployment of Security Roles. Permissions and Scope are discussed in the context of Users and Owner Teams. Next, a Business Unit structure is built for the rolling scenario. Module Two ends with a discussion of Manager and Position hierarchies.
  • Understand the purpose of Business Units
  • Examine and understand the purpose of Security Roles
  • Understand Manager and Position Hierarchies
Module 3: Customizing System and Custom Entities

The third module features the ability to customize existing, system entities as well as the creation of new, custom entities. The module ends with a discussion of Local and Global Option Sets and their relative advantages.
  • Note the Entity types available to CRM 2015
  • Distinguish custom entities from activities
  • Understand entity configuration
  • Consider the consequences of deleting an entity
Module 4: Customizing Attributes

The fourth module maps CRM 2015 data types to their underlying representatives in the data storage area (SQL Server). Module Four ends with the introduction of a business rule and the use of a calculated field.
  • Review the available data types
  • Create and modify a range of CRM 2015 data types
  • Distinguish between Local and Global Option Sets
  • Understand the use of calculated fields

Module 5: Establishing Relationships

The fifth module focuses on the formal and informal linkages between CRM 2015 records: one-to-many and many-to-many relationships are discussed, and a self-referencing hierarchical relationship between entity records is established. Rollup Fields are introduced. Later in the module, connections and connection roles are used to create “any-to-any” linkages between records. The module concludes with a discussion of field mappings.
  • Understand the different types of relationships
  • Choose the appropriate relationship behavior
  • Create and use connections/connection roles
Set-up data mappings

Module 6: Form Customization

The sixth module discusses the layout and structure of an entity's forms, including the formatting of tabs, sections, and columns. The navigation area is customized, and a sub-grid is used to display related records. Module Six ends with a discussion of form sets and their relationship with security roles.
  • Understand the structure of entity forms
  • Deploy quick create forms
  • Embed quick view forms
Module 7: Business Rules

The seventh module picks up the discussion of business rules introduced in Module Four. Their significance is explored as well as their purpose and limitations.
  • Understand the significance of business rules
  • Examine the structure of business rules in CRM 2015
  • Note the range of actions available

Module 8: View Customization

The eighth module explores the range of view types supported by CRM 2015. In particular, the new multi-entity search supported for browser access.
  • Understand the component parts of a view
  • Distinguish between system and public views
  • Explore the creation of personal views
Module 9: Chart and Dashboard Customization

The ninth module considers charts and dashboards as effective ways to present visualizations and highlight any trends, patterns, or exceptions in CRM 2015 data.
  • Create and modify system charts
  • Import and export charts as XML
  • Expand dashboard provision
  • Modify system dashboards
Module 10: Further Security Features of CRM 2015

The tenth module takes a deeper dive into security issues by exploring field-level and record-level security through field security profiles and access teams. The module ends with an exploration of auditing and collating audit history using CRM 2015.
  • Understand how to secure fields
  • Investigate profiles as a means to control access to secured fields
  • Explore access teams as a sharing mechanism
  • Understand the auditing capabilities of CRM 2015

Module 11: Business Process Flows

The final module takes students through the stages of constructing a multi-step, multiple-stage business process flow using conditional logic to branch to a different stage of a business process. The three major entities built and extended throughout the three days of the course are linked together into an easy to use representation of a particular process, which links custom entities and a custom activity entity.
  • Understand the process of creating and modifying a process ribbon
  • Explore conditional branching in a business process flow
  • Note how stages can be chained together
  • Understand the linkages between entities in a process flow

Cancellation Policy

We require 16 calendar days notice to reschedule or cancel any registration. Failure to provide the required notification will result in 100% charge of the course. If a student does not attend a scheduled course without prior notification it will result in full forfeiture of the funds and no reschedule will be allowed. Within the required notification period, only student substitutions will be permitted. Reschedules are permitted at anytime with 16 or more calendar days notice. Enrollments must be rescheduled within six months of the cancel date or funds on account will be forfeited.

Training Location

GK at ctc Edmonton
10060 Jasper Ave Suite 810

Edmonton, AB

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Wasn’t as advanced as I thought it would be. There was an issue when the day my course was the first time they used a new platfo ... Read more

Wasn’t as advanced as I thought it would be. There was an issue when the day my course was the first time they used a new platform.. from adobe to something called zoom; I had to call support line cause it stated our instructor wasn’t present. Thankfully I called cause everyone online was in the adobe virtual classroom waiting for what looked like a teacher who didn’t show up for class (IT didn’t get anything resolved until 10mins after start time). I felt like he was really getting hung up on very basic knowledge for the first half of the course (talking about how to create tabs and drag formulas as an example). I completed files a few times before he was done explaining. There was a scheduled fire drill for them (roughly 30mins)that also cut into our time, which wasn’t deducted from the hour lunch break or the two, fifteen min breaks. I also really wish he touched base more on the automating workbook functions portion which we barely did. I'm happy there were/are those study guides (learning videos) and exams to take on my own time that I hope after I've had the class are still available for me to learn from.

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It was difficult to practice on my PC while trying to watch the presentation online.
No comment
David was excellent!! I am very for having this course!!
No comment
Everything was great, but the instructor wasted a lot of time talking about unrelated subjects (like demo-ing different programs, ... Read more

Everything was great, but the instructor wasted a lot of time talking about unrelated subjects (like demo-ing different programs, talking about other classes, and talks about how Excel/technology has changed) took up way too much time. The course could have been condensed or better focus would have been great

Did not actually receive the course materials yet (and the course has concluded). Ratings assume that I will receive the course m ... Read more

Did not actually receive the course materials yet (and the course has concluded). Ratings assume that I will receive the course materials as soon as possible.

Facilitator was excellent
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