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This course provides users with a general understanding of the UNIX system and teaches the basic skills for using it, as well as how UNIX is set up, accessed and used on z/OS.

  • Course Start Date: 2019-05-21
  • Time: 09:00:00 - 17:00:00
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Location: Virtual
  • Delivery Methods(s): Virtual Instructor Led
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Course Outline


The student should have knowledge of MS-DOS as well as knowledge of z/OS.


This course provides users with a general understanding of the UNIX system and teaches the basic skills for using it, as well as how UNIX is set up, accessed and used on z/OS. Emphasis is on providing hands-on practical experience with the basic UNIX facilities on an z/OS operating system.


At the completion of this course, the student should be able to:
  • Understand the additional mainframe capabilities that can be enabled by deploying Z/OS UNIX applications, such as Java, web and e-mail serving, and disk and printer serving
  • Function proficiently as a UNIX end-user on a generic UNIX platform
  • Use the additional end-user capabilities of Z/OS UNIX, such as access from TSO, ISPF, and Batch
  • Understand the architecture and systems management issues specific to z/OS UNIX, and understand their impact on security management, backup & recovery, and performance tuning
  • Intro to z/OS UNIX System Services
  • UNIX Essentials
  • Accessing UNIX System Services
  • z/OS UNIX System Operation
  • z/OS UNIX System Administration
  • z/OS UNIX Application Development

This course is intended for those interested in gaining an understanding of z/OS€(TM)s UNIX System Services, its commands and file structures.

Course Outline
1. Introduction to z/OS UNIX System Services
A. UNIX history
B. Standards Organizations
C. Standards
D. z/OS UNIX® system services
E. z/OS UNIX release history
F. z/OS UNIX vs. S/390 Linux
G. IBM products exploiting USS - TCP/IP
H. IBM products exploiting USS - Java
I. IBM products exploiting USS – Web
J. IBM WebSphere Overview
K. IBM products exploiting USS - Notes
L. IBM products exploiting USS - Print
M. z/OS UNIX serving PC files
N. Third-party USS products
O. Navigating the USS documentation
P. Getting more USS help online

2. UNIX Essentials
A. UNIX Command Overview
a. File Mgmt
b. File & Text Mgmt
c. System Process Mgmt
d. Storage Mgmt, TCP/IP
e. Printing, Programming
B. Logging In
C. The Shell Prompt
D. Changing your Password
E. Logging Out
F. Getting some files
G. Commands, Switches, and Arguments
H. Reading the Manual: the man cmd
I. Userid, UID, Group, GID
J. Understanding UNIX Permissions
K. The UNIX File System
a. Home and Working Directory
b. Commands to List Contents of A File
c. Head and tail Commands
d. Copying and Moving Files
e. Finding Files
f. Deleting Files
g. UNIX Filenames
h. File Management Lab
i. Creating Directories
j. Removing Directories
k. Copying Files Between Directories
l. UNIX File Security: Permissions
m. Working with Permissions
n. Changing Permissions
o. UNIX Directory Permissions
p. Lab: chmod
q. File/Dir Permissions - umask
r. Changing File Ownership
s. Under the covers of the File System
t. Linking files
u. Hard vs. Symbolic Links
v. Linking to a file - ln
L. UNIX Text Editors
a. Editing Files with vi
b. Modes
c. Insert Mode
d. Scrolling
e. Editing
f. Repeat n
g. File cmds
h. exrc
i. vi: Lab
j. vi: Regular Expressions
k. vi: Searching for Text
l. vi: Search Lab
m. vi: Text Substitution
n. vi: Text Substitution Lab
M. The Shell
a. Shell Variables
b. Useful Shell Variables
c. Command-line Editing
d. Startup Script
e. Shell Variables: Lab
f. Redirection to & from Files
g. Pipes
h. Wildcards
i. Wildcard Lab
j. Command Alias
k. Shell Scripts
l. Shell Scripts - Example
m. Shell Scripts - Exit Status
N. UNIX Process Management
a. the ps cmd
b. Background
c. Kill
d. UNIX Process Mgmt Lab
e. Job Control in the Shell
O. UNIX Power Tools
a. UNIX Power Tools: sort
b. Archiving Files
c. Compressing files
P. TCP/IP Networking
a. Two Similar Packet Delivery Systems
b. Packet Routing
c. Network Physical Layer, IP Layer
d. TCP/IP Port Numbers
e. TCP/IP Services
f. TCP/IP Diagnostic Commands
g. TCP/IP Applications
h. rsh, rexec
i. ftp
j. get & put, mget & mput
k. (client) & ftpd (server)
l. Example FTP Session
m. Mail
n. Write
o. wall
p. talk
Q. Scheduling Work w/ cron & at
a. at
b. cron
c. cron table

3. Accessing UNIX System Services

A. Accessing UNIX System Services
B. Accessing USS with Telnet/Rlogin
a. Moving Data
b. Pro's and Con's of using Telnet/Rlogin
C. Using OMVS to access z/OS
a. OMVS & UNIX Differences
b. Using OMVS
c. OMVS Subcommands
d. Other Useful Subcommands
e. "Thinking OMVS"
f. OMVS Lab1
g. Customizing OMVS
h. Entering a Long Shell Command
i. Suppressing the NewLine
j. OMVS Lab2
k. Recovering from Hung Application
l. Pro's and Con's of using OMVS
D. Using the Irish Commands
a. Moving Data HFS <-> MVS (TSO)
b. OGET Example
c. OPUT Example
d. OCOPY Example
e. OCOPY Example, Using JCL
f. OPUT Lab
E. Issuing Unix commands from TSO
F. OSHELL: Issue UNIX cmds from TSO
G. Using the ISPF Shell - Topics
a. File Mgmt using the ISPF Shell
b. PDS -> HFS using the ISPF Shell
c. System Admin using the ISPF Shell
e. Pro's and Con's of using ISHELL
H. Issue UNIX cmds from BATCH JCL
a. BPXBATCH Example: Shell Script
b. BPXBATCH Example: Shell Cmd
c. Pro's and Con's of USS access via Batch
I. Using the UNIX ISPF editor (OEDIT)

4. z/OS UNIX Operation

A. Operator Tools & Interfaces
B. Console Commands D A
C. Console Commands D OMVS
D. Console Commands SETOMVS
E. Console Commands SET OMVS
F. USS Operator Issues
G. USS Operator Issues - JES2 Hot Start
H. UNIX Operation using ISPF Shell

5. z/OS UNIX System Administration
A. USS architecture
a. Kernel processes
b. User processes
c. Daemon processes
d. Dubbing
C. BPXPRMxx Wizard
D. USS startup
E. File systems
F. Hierarchical File System (HFS)
a. Creating a HFS dataset
b. Sharing HFS's
c. Mounting HFS dataset
d. Network File System
e. Distributed File System
f. Temporary File System
g. Mounting a File System
h. File system maintenance
i. Backup
j. Restore
k. Extended attributes
l. External links
G. Security
a. Adding on OMVS segment
b. SAF “Facility” classes
c. Superuser overview
H. Tuning tips
a. General UNIX
b. RMF Reports
f. V2.7/filecache
h. File System
i. Shell variables
j. Using LPA

6. z/OS Intro to UNIX Application Development

A. Development Tools
B. Daemons & Fork - Overview
C. Daemons & Fork - Flowchart
D. Daemons & fork - Example
E. Daemons & fork - Demo
F. Processes, Addr Spaces, Threads
G. Processes, Addr Spaces, Threads
H. Fork vs Spawn
I. Some z/OS UNIX Porting Difficulties

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I took the training remotely so I cannot comment on some of the questions. I think that this seminar has too much content to sque ... Read more

I took the training remotely so I cannot comment on some of the questions. I think that this seminar has too much content to squeeze it into one week.... might be better as a two week course?

found the material very helpful - although there was a lot of material covered - the pace was well set. Would definitely recomme ... Read more

found the material very helpful - although there was a lot of material covered - the pace was well set. Would definitely recommend people to have explored Microsoft Access beforehand to be familiarized with the program before taking the course. I would imagine someone without any exposure would find it confusing. Environment really good - people very, very nice and helpful. Would definitely take the next level of access with the same training facility.

I was not in the physical classroom. Feedback centered around online training would be good because now I have to rate items that ... Read more

I was not in the physical classroom. Feedback centered around online training would be good because now I have to rate items that I was not present for. Those items are getting half a star because I was not there to rate them. The course material must go through an editing process. There are a lot of grammar mistakes, but also a lot of actual procedure/activity mistakes.

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