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This course will explore current trends & techniques used to develop leading edge visual designs while learning design fundamentals that can be applied to multiple mediums. The student will explore colour theory, typography, grid systems & layout techniq

  • Course Start Date: 2019-10-17
  • Time: 09:00:00 - 16:00:00
  • Duration: 2 Day(s)
  • Location: Edmonton
  • Delivery Methods(s): Instructor Led

Course Outline


1.Basic Computer Skills and Knowledge of Windows / Mac OS X 2.Adobe InDesign / Illustrator Experience is helpful


This is an introductory course for those wanting to learn more about the world of Visual Design and Typography. The student will become familiar with and apply design principles while learning layout basics to set up files for both web and print. The student will also learn basic colour theory, build colour palettes and explore typographic basics and image composition.

Textbook: The Non-Designers Design Book / Handouts (Included with Class)

Course Content
What is Visual Design?

  • What is the big picture?
  • Overview of the Design Industry
  • Basic Concepts of Graphic Design

Creative Suite Overview

  • InDesign / Illustrator Overview

Four Basic Principles of Design

  • Proximity Summary
  • Proximity Exercise
  • Alignment Summary
  • Alignment Exercise
  • Repetition Summary
  • Repetition Exercise
  • Contrast Summary
  • Contrast Exercise

Colour Theory

  • Colour Theory Introduction
  • Primary Colours
  • Secondary Colours
  • Tertiary Colours
  • Complementary Colours
  • Triad Colours
  • Split Complementary Triads
  • Analogous Colours
  • Shades and Tints
  • Monochromatic Colours
  • Colour Combinations
  • Building Colour Palettes
  • Colour Modes / Converting Colour
  • Colour Resources

Image Composition

  • Composition Introduction
  • Focal Point
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Foreground Interest
  • Perspective
  • Using Lines
  • Vantage Point
  • Photo Technical Info


  • Origins of the Alphabet
  • History of Type
  • Parts of the Character
  • Typographic Terms
  • Figures
  • Type Styles
  • Type Families
  • Type Measurements
  • X-Height
  • Linespacing
  • Wordspacing
  • Letterspacing
  • Classifications of Type

Designing with Type

  • Selecting Typefaces
  • Reading Habits
  • Reader Conditions
  • Shapes of Words
  • Legibility vs. Readability
  • Optimal Spacing
  • Line Length
  • Alignments

Type Relationships

  • Concordant Type
  • Conflicting Type
  • Contrasting Type
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Structure
  • Form
  • Direction

Typographic Resources

  • Printed Materials
  • Online Resources
  • Book List

Final Project

Cancellation Policy

10 business days cancellation or full course fee will be charged

Training Location

TTC, B-11 Cameron Library
11320-89 Avenue, University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

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I had a very bad experience with the instructor - he centered me out throughout the entire class - asked me continuously if I on p ... Read more

I had a very bad experience with the instructor - he centered me out throughout the entire class - asked me continuously if I on pace or knew how to do the work. If I asked him a question he seemed anger made me feel little, stupid, he was very condescending. At one point he helped me and he said things like "this is a desktop" "do you know that?" others laughed. I almost left the course halfway through. I'm a much older person and First Nations and I'm shocked he treated me the way he did. It's like I was less of a person, discriminating, and etc.

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The course was excellent, the instructor Rachel was great.
No comment
No comment
Was a very informative course.
No comment
My payments were taken care of by last minute training with the University of Alberta. The teacher was good, the content was good.
I already completed a survey at the end of the course so not sure why I have to complete another survey on line? LOL
No comment
No comment
No comment
The information learned in this course will assist me in my current role. Enjoyed the class.
No comment
I would have preferred using the manual given to follow, so I could add my notes to each area as we worked through the course. Unf ... Read more

I would have preferred using the manual given to follow, so I could add my notes to each area as we worked through the course. Unfortunately all my notes are in the beginning of the book as we, only looked it once, when a student asked what page we were on.

No comment
More useful contents can be fit in and taught in this class definitely.
No comment
Worthwhile training that provided me with the skills needed to use Onenote.
No comment

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Maruta Y attended this course Jun 2016

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