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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the full range of UNIX user commands and utilities. Students will develop shell programming and vi editing skills.

Course Outline
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the full range of UNIX user commands and utilities. Students will develop shell programming and vi editing skills.
End-users and programmers who are new to the UNIX environment.

Course Outline


  • What is It?
  • Components of a UNIX System
  • A Brief History of UNIX
  • Where Do You Find It?


  • Logging On
  • Changing Your Password
  • Logging Out
  • Getting Around in UNIX
  • Command Line Syntax
  • Special Keys and Control Characters
  • Filenames
  • Listing Files
  • Identifying the File Type
  • Viewing Files Using cat and more
  • Using the Online Manual Pages
  • Listing Active Users with who
  • Reading the Unix Clock with Date
  • Creating Files with touch
  • Filename Expansions Using Wildcards


  • Absolute Pathnames
  • Relative Pathnames
  • Current and Home Directories
  • Changing Directories with cd
  • Creating Directories with mkdir
  • Removing Directories


  • Printing Files with lp
  • Copying Filos with cp
  • Moving and Renaming Files with mv
  • Linking Files with ln
  • Removing Files with rm
  • Sorting File Contents with sort
  • Using tr to Translate Characters
  • Searching Files with grep
  • Locating Files with find
  • Counting Words with wc

5. VI

  • vi Overview
  • Starting and Stopping vi
  • Moving Through a File
  • Adding Text
  • Making Corrections
  • Cutting and Pasting Text


  • Listing File Permissions
  • Who Gets Permissions?
  • File Permissions
  • Directory Permissions
  • Changing Permissions Using chmod
  • Setting Default Permissions


  • Command History
  • Command Line Editing
  • Alias
  • Filename Completion


  • Listing Processes with ps
  • Filehandles
  • Redirecting stdin
  • Redirecting stdout
  • Redirecting stderr
  • Pipes
  • tee

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