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This course is intended for business and systems analysts who are responsible for analyzing and defining business systems requirements.

Course Outline
This course gives you the skills you need to develop accurate, complete models that describe business systems requirements. You will examine basic process and data modeling concepts in detail with extensive examples to demonstrate their practical application. An essential part of developing requirements models is validating the correctness and completeness of the requirements; you'll look at how to do this through integrating the process and data models you create. This course emphasizes practical tips and techniques that speed up and enhance the effectiveness of business analysis. Progressive workshop exercises and a comprehensive, integrated case study provide you with hands-on experience as you build and test a complete business model.
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Be able to define the three dimensions of an information model: data, process, and interaction models.
  • Learn the fundamental components of a Conceptual data model: entity types, relationships, and attributes.
  • Learn the process of identifying and Modeling entity types, relationships, and attributes and Be able to construct an entity-Relationship Diagram.
  • Learn how to use constructs of the Relational model to aid the Development of a Logical data Model.
  • Be able to use entity Type Hierarchies, Dependencies, History, and Complex and Recursive relationships to enhance model semantics.
  • Learn how to construct solid and powerful definitions for entity types and attributes.
  • Learn about key process model components: functions, processes, elementary processes, events, and external objects.
  • Understand the purpose and process of functional decomposition and Be able to construct an Activity Hierarchy Diagram.
  • Learn how to examine Activity relationships through dependency analysis and how to document those relationships using Activity dependency Diagrams.
  • Understand the purpose of analyzing the interaction between data and process and Learn fundamental interaction analysis techniques: entity life cycle analysis and process logic analysis.
  • Learn how to develop concise and precise business specifications for elementary processes.
  • Learn how to construct data Flow Diagrams from Activity dependency Diagrams.
  • Learn how to plan, organize, and execute a Modeling project.
  • Understand the techniques and importance of model verification.

Prerequisites & Certificates

A general understanding of business and information technology is required. Prior experience in business systems analysis is not essential but will enhance your learning experience.

Certificates offered

35.0 PDUs towards IIBA CBAP certification

Cancellation Policy
Up to the 11th business day prior to class, a registration may be cancelled or rescheduled without charge. Thereafter the full course fee will be invoiced whether it's a cancelled or rescheduled. In which case a reschedule credit, valid for 1 year, will be issued. Substitutions may be made at any time prior to the start of the course.
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