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This is a 1 day instructor led course explaining the Level 1 features and tools of Microsoft Excel.

Course Outline
This is a 1 day instructor led course explaining the Level 1 features and tools of Microsoft Excel.
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to successfully work within the Level 1 objectives of Microsoft Excel.
€¢ Customize the Ribbon
€¢ Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
€¢ Change the Default Program Options
€¢ Create Workbooks
€¢ Modify Workbooks
€¢ Modify Worksheets
€¢ Enter Data
€¢ Revise Data
€¢ Move data within a Workbook
€¢ Define Excel Tables.
€¢ Name Groups of Data
€¢ Create Formulas to calculate Values
€¢ Summarize data that meets Specific Conditions
€¢ Find errors in Calculations
€¢ Correct errors in Calculations
€¢ Format Cells
€¢ Define Styles
€¢ Apply Workbook Themes
€¢ Add Excel Tables
€¢ Add Images to Worksheets
€¢ Manipulate Worksheet Data

Prerequisites & Certificates

• Basic computer knowledge, such as keyboard and mouse skills. • Basic file-management skills. • The student should know how to navigate to folders and files on a computer.

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Maximum I.T. reserves the right to cancel and/or change a class date. Students will be notified within 10 business days in this event.

All reasonable attempts will be made to set another class date and time. A refund will be issued if the class is not re-scheduled.

Any student enrolled in a technical program who cancels their registration is responsible for both their exam voucher and course materials.

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