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This CTES certified course covers every aspect of the TSQL development language. Beginning with database basics like creating databases and tables, we proceed to a thorough investigation of the TSQL language.

Course Outline
This CTES certified course covers every aspect of the TSQL development language. Beginning with database basics like creating databases and tables, we proceed to a thorough investigation of the TSQL language. We discuss variable declaration, conditional and looping expressions and the use of native functions. With some basics under our belts, we are freed to look at more advanced topics like string and date time manipulation as well as the use of NULL values in tables and scripts. We also take the time to consider the use of stored procedures and BLOB data. It makes for a busy and rewarding week.

Course Outline

Module 1: RDBMS Essentials
Topic 1: About the Relational Database Management System
Topic 2: SQL Server and the .NET Framework
Topic 3: SQL Server Terminology: Databases, Tables, Columns, Rows, Keys, Etc
Topic 4: Application Development and SQL Server
Topic 5: OLTP: The Transactional Server
Topic 6: OLAP: The Analysis Server
Topic 7: XML Integration
Topic 8: Core SQL Server Services
Topic 9: Other SQL Server Services
Topic 10: The Role of ADO .NET
Module 2: Database Planning
Topic 1: Planning Overview
Topic 2: Normal Forms
Topic 3: The Analysis
Topic 4: The Design
Topic 5: ER Notation
Topic 6: Generalizations
Topic 7: Aggregations
Topic 8: Putting It Together
Module 3: Creating the Database
Topic 1: Planning the Installation
Topic 2: SQL Server Installation
Topic 3: Data Storage Architecture
Topic 4: Creating Database Files
Topic 5: Using File Groups
Topic 6: Optimizing Data Storage
Module 4: Creating Tables
Topic 1: Integrity Overview
Topic 2: Creating Data Types
Topic 3: Creating Rules and Defaults
Topic 4: Creating a Table
Topic 5: Primary and Foreign Keys
Topic 6: About Constraints: Default and Check
Topic 7: Creating Triggers
Module 5: Structured Query Language Basics
Topic 1: SQL Overview
Topic 2: The Select Statement
Topic 3: Aggregate Values
Topic 4: The Insert Statement
Topic 5: The Update Statement
Topic 6: The Delete Statement
Topic 7: Using Views
Module 6: TSQL Language Elements
Topic 1: SQL Data Types
Topic 2: Stored Procedures and Metadata Views
Topic 3: Using Variables
Topic 4: Type Conversion
Topic 5: Dealing with Null Values
Topic 6: Dealing with Dates
Topic 7: Conditional Constructs
Topic 8: Looping Constructs
Topic 9: Useful Functions
Topic 10: Error Handling
Module 7: Advanced Structured Query Language
Topic 1: Join Strategies
Topic 2: Inner, Outer and Cross Joins
Topic 3: About Self-joins
Topic 4: Sub-queries
Topic 5: Using Temporary Objects
Module 8: Stored Procedures|
Topic 1: Architectural Overview
Topic 2: Benefits of Stored Procedures
Topic 3: Using Built-in Stored Procedures
Topic 4: Creating Stored Procedures
Topic 5: Using Input and Output Parameters
Topic 6: Stored Procedure Optimization
Module 9: Indexing
Topic 1: Index Overview
Topic 2: Index Architecture
Topic 3: Clustered Indexes
Topic 4: Non-clustered Indexes
Topic 5: Unique Indexes
Topic 6: Indexes and Keys
Topic 7: Indexed Views
Module 10: Optimizing Performance
Topic 1: Optimization Overview
Topic 2: Using Query Analyzer
Topic 3: Gathering Performance Data
Topic 4: Optimizing for Select
Topic 5: Optimizing for Insert, Update and Delete
Topic 6: Query Hints
Topic 7: Join Strategies
Topic 8: SQL Server Transactions and Locks
Topic 9: Deadlocks and Livelocks
Module 11: Practical SQL
Topic 1: Planning the Work
Topic 2: Process Oriented Tasks
Topic 3: Analysis Related Tasks
Topic 4: Statistical Tasks
Topic 5: Data Integrity Checks
Topic 6: Using SSIS

Prerequisites & Certificates

Previous experience in a relational database setting

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All courses must be canceled more than 10 business days prior to the first day of the class.
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