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This program equips the business professional with leading edge methodologies and practices in the project management field. Project management is a requirement for professionals in many areas of expertise.

Course Outline
Project management is the art of guiding a project or process towards successful completion. Today€(TM)s projects are complex in that they require the effective coordination of large multi-disciplinary teams and the allocation and management of vast resource portfolios. Effective project management is the key to a successful project. CTES Training is proud to offer its certified project management course. This program equips the business professional with leading edge methodologies and practices in the project management field. Project management is a requirement for professionals in many areas of expertise, with many employers now identifying project management skills as vital to corporate success. Whether you are a business executive or an information technology professional, the CTES Certified project management course will enable you to develop your project management skills.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction
Topic 1: Project Management Basics
Topic 2: Project Management, Portfolio Management and Programs
Topic 3: Understanding Project Constraints
Topic 4: Understanding the Nature of Projects
Topic 5: The Project Life Cycle: An Overview
Topic 6: The Art of Project Identification
Topic 7: Project Management and the GoC
Module 2: The Project Initiation Stage
Topic 1: Project Triggers
Topic 2: About Project Management Roles
Topic 3: Creating Project Documentation: The SOW
Topic 4: Determining Project Goals
Module 3: The Project as an Entity
Topic 1: The Strategic Plan
Topic 2: The Business Architecture
Topic 3: Gap Analysis
Topic 4: Identifying Project Deliverables
Topic 5: Project Constraints
Topic 6: Preparing the Business Case
Topic 7: Preparing the Decision Package
Topic 8: Conducting a Feasibility Study
Module 4: Planning a Project - Scope
Topic 1: Why do we need a Project Plan?
Topic 2: Focus and Scope
Topic 3: Creating a Scope Management Plan
Topic 4: Determining Project Scope
Topic 5: Conducting the Initial Risk Assessment
Topic 6: Elements of a Project Plan
Module 5: Communication and Information Gathering
Topic 1: Brainstorming
Topic 2: JAD Sessions
Topic 3: Meetings
Topic 4: Walkthroughs
Topic 5: The Interview: Who and How?
Topic 6: Selecting the Best Interview Methodology
Topic 7: Constructing Questions that Deliver Results
Module 6: Project Planning WBS
Topic 1: What is the WBS?
Topic 2: The Importance of the WBS
Topic 3: WBS Sections and Components
Topic 4: The Task List and the Deliverables
Module 7: WBS Scheduling
Topic 1: Time Estimates
Topic 2: Room for Error: About including Buffer Time
Topic 3: The Project Schedule
Topic 4: Using Scheduling Charts
Topic 5: Updating Assumptions and Constraints
Topic 6: Assigning Resources and Responsibility
Topic 7: WBS €" An Example
Module 8: Planning Project Costs
Topic 1: Planning Costs
Topic 2: The Art of Resource Identification
Topic 3: Cost Estimation Methods
Topic 4: Understanding Administrative Costs
Topic 5: Budgeting Smart: Planning with Cost Buffers
Module 9: The Art of the Plan
Topic 1: The Project Management Plan
Topic 2: The Procurement Plan
Topic 3: The Human Resources Management Plan
Topic 4: The Financial Plan
Topic 5: Planning for Quality
Topic 6: The Final Plan
Module 10: Team Building
Topic 1: Leadership Theories
Topic 2: What is a Manager?
Topic 3: What Distinguishes a Leader?
Topic 4: The Difference between Leading and Managing
Topic 5: The Task of Team Building
Topic 6: Assembling the Team: Skills and Knowledge
Topic 7: Communication and the Team
Topic 8: Team Motivation: Rewards and Consequences
Topic 9: The Keys to a Successful Team
Topic 10: Some Challenges in Multicultural and Multilingual Environments
Module 11: The Drive and the Motivation
Topic 1: The Art of Motivation
Topic 2: About Performance and Motivation
Topic 3: The Effects of Improved Morale
Module 12: Implementing the Project Plan
Topic 1: The Procurement Plan
Topic 2: Quality Control and Assurance Measures
Topic 3: The Business Communication Model
Topic 4: The Need for Performance Tracking
Topic 5: Using Earned Value Analysis
Topic 6: Managing Change Management
Topic 7: Implementing Budgetary Control Measures
Module 13: The Closing Stage
Topic 1: Project Closure: An Overview
Topic 2: Acceptance of Deliverables
Topic 3: Releasing Resources
Topic 4: Project Documentation
Module 14: Appendices
Topic 1: Modelling Business Processes
Topic 2: Development Methodologies
Topic 3: Use Case Analysis

Prerequisites & Certificates

Some project management experience

Certificates offered

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All courses must be canceled more than 10 business days prior to the first day of the class.
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