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Instructor-Led, Hands-On training on Becoming Management Material

Course Outline
Becoming Management Material
| | ID: SSBMM0 | Course Length: 3
|Module 0: Course Details|
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Learning Objectives
  • In This Course, You Will Learn To
  • Define Your Role As a Manager
  • Understand the New Qualities You€(TM)ll Need To Succeed in Management
  • Anticipate and Embrace the Forces of Change
  • Get Your Workspace Organized
  • Get Your Goals Prioritized
  • Plan Your Future
  • Prepare the Foundation for Your Vision As a Leader
  • Foster Enthusiasm and Gain Commitment From Employees
  • Course Overview
  • Identify Your Leadership Profile
  • Explore Ways To Imrove Your Success As a Manager
  • Encourage Your Employees To Higher Performance
  • Communicate Skilfully and Effectively
  • Streamline Your Meetings
  • Build a Strategy for Your Career Success
  • Create An Action Plan
  • What Is the Heart of What Makes a Good Manager?
  • This Course Aims To Teach
  • Achieve High Performance Team.
  • Keep On Top of Your Workload
  • Create Inspiring Visions
  • Spark the Interest and Enthusiasm
  • Become a Passionate and Effective Leader
  • |Module 1: Introduction and Course Overview|
  • Workshop Learning Objectives
  • Personal Learning Objectives
  • |Module 2: Are You Management Material|
  • Rank Yourself €" Starter Quiz
  • Personal Assessment
  • Top Four Qualities of €oemanagement Material
  • |Module 3: Managing Change|
  • Understanding Change
  • Three Keys To Acceptance of Change
  • A Step-by-step Change Model
  • Case Study: Getting More From the Last Hour
  • The Four-room Apartment
  • Group Exercise - Introducing a Change
  • |Module 4: Getting Organized|
  • Start with Your Desk
  • The Three-tier Filing System
  • Filing Exercise
  • |Module 5: Setting Goals|
  • Goal Setting 101
  • Your Smart P€(TM)s
  • Smart Exercise
  • |Module 6: Making Priorities|
  • Important Versus Urgent
  • Prioritization Exercise
  • Time To Plan
  • |Module 7: Leading the Way|
  • Leading Versus Managing
  • Five Practices of Excellent Leadership
  • |Module 8: The Science of Leadership|
  • The Two Basic Leadership Behaviours
  • Situational Model of Leadership
  • Modifying Your Leadership Behaviour
  • |Module 9: Coaching Employees To Be Better Performers|
  • Four Critical Coaching Skills
  • Best Tips for Supportive Coaching
  • Rewarding Performance
  • Recognition Exercise
  • |Module 10: Effective Communication I: Speaking|
  • What Is a Skilled Communicator
  • Ensuring Clarity and Precision
  • Catch-phrase Game
  • |Module 11: Effective Communication Ii: Listening|
  • The Communication Funnel
  • Active Listening
  • The Power of Paraphrasing
  • Communicating During Performance Reviews
  • |Module 12: Managing Difficult Situations|
  • Communicating Well in Difficult Situations
  • Managing Performance Problems
  • Expressing Your €oeno
  • Taking Corrective Action
  • Guidelines for Setting Behaviour Contracts
  • Presentation
  • |Module 13: The Worst Case Scenario|
  • If You Must Let Them Go
  • A Discipline Checklist for a Supervisor
  • Role Play
  • |Module 14: Making Meetings Work|
  • Eight Step To Effective Meetings
  • Tips and Strategies
  • Exercise
  • |Module 15: Managing Your Career|
  • Basic Considerations
  • Quick Tips
  • |Module 16: Your Personal Action Plan|
  • Committing To Continues Development
  • |Module 17: Course Evaluation
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    I would recommend this vendor, with cautions. The course content did not nearly cover everything listed in the course description. The course started late and finished early, the instructor did not follow the course materials at all, and many topics that were supposed to be covered were not. Hopefully they are in the course book and I will be able to work through it on my own. I haven't had time to go through the book yet, and we didn't use it in the course. The material that was presented was good, but the instructor's knowledge was limited.
    Reviewed by 2012
    The Teacher really explained every topic very well and kept us very interested. She was a wonderful teacher.
    Reviewed by 2012
    I registered for the Access level two after already taking the level one last week thinking that it would be a continuation of what I learned in level one. This was not the case, it was all the same material as in level one. I don't understand how this can happen at the same school. I felt that the level two was really a waste of my time and mostly money.
    Reviewed by 2012
    I found there was too much theory. Hard to follow the second day. Should be more theory day 1 and then plenty more exercises Day 2.
    Reviewed by 2012
    Location isn't the greatest, but I had a good instructor, great computers to work with and relevant exercises. I would go back for more courses.
    Reviewed by 2012
    The instructor was very knowledgeable and accommodating. The presentation material and CD was excellent.
    Reviewed by 2012
    Trainer was good. Gave explanation WHY things are done in specific order. Not just "do this, do that"
    Reviewed by 2012
    This is my second workshop with CBIT. The facilities and ammenities offered are exceptional. Administrative staff are very friendly, helpful and eager to assist. Course content and quality of instruction have more than met with my needs and expectations. I am very confident in their ability to provide quality programming and have already recommended them to others in my organization.
    Reviewed by 2011
    Course was fantastic and the instructor very knowledgeable and well organized. Due to a small class size, she was able to customize the course content to meet our individual training needs. In addition, CBIT provided each of us with the complete Org Plus manual which will be very handy as a reference tool back in the workplace. CBIT staff were welcoming and friendly - and served a hot breakfast at 10:00 am! There is also a fridge, microwave and break room avail. Not many great restaurants in the area, so better to pack your lunch. Overall, a great day.
    Reviewed by 2011
    We were provided a cd with a pdf copy of the manual for future reference which is great but no printed manual was provided to refer to during the course - this would have been helpful for learning.
    Reviewed by 2011

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