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The Remarkable Leader is a two-day workshop that will inspire you to tap into your authentic self, capitalize on your leadership assets and build a reputation for making things happen.

Course Outline
To be a truly remarkable leader, you must be grounded in who you are, clear in the value you bring to those around you and able to communicate your greatest assets with power and presence.

Do you have the power and the presence to motivate your team to remarkable results?

The Remarkable Leader is a two-day workshop that will inspire you to tap into your authentic self, capitalize on your leadership assets and build a reputation for making things happen.

Facilitated by Roz Usheroff, Michel Neray and Simon Heath, The Remarkable Leader Workshop brings together the strategies and skills you need to take your career (and your life) to the next stage of success.

After this workshop you will:
  • Project a remarkable personal brand that distinguishes you within your organization
  • Have confidence in the unique value you offer
  • Be naturally heard above the noise
  • Project the presence and power to motivate your team to remarkable results
Organizations that leverage your strengths will benefit from the kinds of results that only a remarkable leader can deliver.

The Remarkable Leader workshop is divided into four modules:
  • Seven Strategies for a Remarkable Personal Brand
  • What Makes You Different Also Makes You Remarkable
  • Creating a Remarkable Persona
  • Promoting your Remarkable Brand

Here is an overview of each module.

Seven Strategies for a Remarkable Personal Brand
Today, you can never underestimate the importance of managing your own brand, which truly defines your reputation and can make or break career opportunities. International Leadership Branding Specialist Roz Usheroff will lay out the key principle strategies for you to create your own remarkable brand. You'll gain the self-awareness and insights you need to capitalize on your leadership persona so that you and your ideas command attention and recognition. You'll explore ways to naturally assume front stage presence, influence your stakeholders and project stronger executive presence. Roz will empower you with the tools to lead without authority and expand your interpersonal skills using heightened "emotional intelligence'. In addition, you'll learn how the subliminal messages you are unconsciously sending to others may impact on your brand's reputation.

You will learn
  • Decode and manage perceptions to enhance your authentic brand
  • Capitalize on personal leadership by employing emotional intelligence
  • Become your own best "PR" person by becoming more politically astute

What Makes You Different Also Makes You Remarkable!
Whether you are the general manager, a team leader or an up and coming executive, what makes you different as a brand is what makes you valuable to your organization. Gaining clarity around your unique ability and differentiation will help you project self confidence, succeed in the projects you take on and ultimately enjoy the career and the life that you aspire to create.

In a fun and light-hearted way, Chief Differentiation Officer of The Essential Message Michel Neray will help you dig to the core of who you are as a person, then translate that into the unique value you bring to your organization. Michel will help you see how appreciating what makes you different enables you to appreciate other people's differentiation, which leads to improved delegation, collaboration and cooperation.

You will learn:
  • What makes you remarkable and drives your career success
  • How to remain confident even during periods of self-doubt
  • How to leverage your uniqueness to create value for your team and organization

Creating a Remarkable Presence
To inspire the people around you and motivate them to take action you must be able to communicate with clarity, power and precision.Ā  Simon Heath, award-winning theatre director and veteran executive coach will help you ensure that when you speak, you will be heard.

Truly great communicators speak with presence, a trait that is easy to recognize, but difficult to define. Simon will help you explore presence as the ability to be fully present in the moment. This requires an ability to be confident in your own ideas while also staying wholly connected to your audience. You will practice theatrical techniques that will enable you to inspire your audience.

You will learn:
  • Use your natural voice to communicate with authenticity and authority
  • Bring your ideas to life through eye contact and facial expressions
  • Demonstrate a leadership persona through physical stance and gestures

All participants will be videotaped and will receive personalized coaching focused on providing immediate, practical skills to improve their ability to influence those around them.

Promoting your Remarkable Brand
Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of promoting who you are and the value you bring to your organization. It begins with your network which truly is your 'net-worth'. In addition, there is a direct correlation between who you know and the career opportunities that come your way.

However, the success of your networking efforts will depend on your interpersonal skills and how you create meaningful relationships in business/social situations. Roz will provide you with practical tips to initiate conversations with anyone, even if you are introverted. You'll learn how to leverage small talk into big talk with ease and comfort and create opportunities to expand your brand recognition. The Networking Navigation Process will be introduced to provide guidance in managing your virtual brand.

You will learn:
  • Understand the psychology of networking and how to make alliances work
  • Capitalize on present and future relationships for building sponsorships
  • Become business protocol savvy for working a room with ease and comfort

Organizations that invest in their leaders maintain their ability to lead their markets.
By developing truly remarkable leaders, your organization is investing in its ability to innovate, in its productivity, and in its future.

About the facilitators:

Roz Usheroff has been sought after as a personal branding expert, providing executive coaching and presenting leadership workshops to Fortune 500 companies. Roz infuses her clients with strategies necessary to understand the dynamics and subtleties of impression management, leadership projection and business protocol savvy. She helps clients maximize impact, deliver results, and distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Her most recent books are "Customize Your Career" and "Taking the Leap - Managing your Career in Turbulent Times".

Since 2003, Michel Neray, Chief Differentiation Officer of The Essential MessageĀ® has been helping growing corporations and their employees discover and communicate their greatest value to their customers. Michel has over 25 years of experience as an award-winning copywriter, an internet pioneer, a tradeshow pitchman and a senior sales and marketing executive. He has co-authored "The Great Crossover: Personal Confidence in the Age of the Microchip", and has been featured in prestigious publications such as "Sales Gurus Speak Out".

Simon Heath, executive communication guru, has been providing corporate leaders with coaching through workshops and private sessions for the past fifteen years. By drawing on his background as a widely celebrated theatre director and actor, Simon energizes and motivates his clients to develop their personal presence to become compelling presenters. Working with both content and delivery, Simon has created a series of unique processes to help his clients communicate to audiences of one or one thousand in a manner that inspires them to act.

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Cancellation Policy
For All 'Remarkable' brand conferences:
If you must cancel your participation at the conference, we will apply your investment towards a future Remarkable Conference or you can choose to send a substitute. A full refund will be given if Roz Usheroff is unable for any reason to host The Remarkable Leader. No refunds will be given for any other reason.

For All Teleseminars:
Can't make the live call?
No problem. Like all of our teleclasses, a recording of this session will be sent to you a day or two after the teleclass. Plus, the recording will be added to the Members Audio Library (along with recordings of teleclasses going back to 2005) as an added value for Essential Message members!
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