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A full day of awesome training focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership. This session consists of 2 training session, a luncheon keynote and an entrepreneurial plenary session.

Course Outline
A full day of awesome training focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership.  This session consists of 2 training session, a luncheon keynote and an entrepreneurial plenary session.

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What's Included:

Session 1   (10:30am - 11:45am):

Offshore & Outsource - an Uncommon Guide to Outsourcing, Going Paperless and Achieving Rapid Business Growth
Presented by Evan Carmichael, Evan Carmichael Communications

Luncheon Keynote (12:00pm - 1:15pm):

Michel Neray - Everything Starts with a Conversaton

In this interactive presentation, you'll discover how easy it is to engage people in conversations around the work you do - whether you're sitting on the beach in Mexico or sitting across the boardroom table. This is the foundation of effective and authentic networking. You'll learn the customer-centric foundation that the entire Essential Message approach is built on and you'll get the tools you need to make all your communications -- with clients and customers, colleagues, friends and even your family -- more powerful than ever!

Session 2 (1:30pm - 2:45pm):

Getting of the Fragmented Focus Treadmill
Presented by: Judi Hughes,  Your Planning Partners
  • An Interactive Presentation For Groups Of Small Business Owners
  • Are you finding it difficult to stay focused on the "important" things because there are too many "urgent" things needing your immediate attention?
  • Do you start each day determined to achieve your goals but end the day with the important work undone?
  • To add misery to this confusion, are you working harder but not getting further ahead?
  • Have you found yourself losing sight of why you started your own business?
These are all indications that you are stuck on The Fragmented Focus Treadmill. This workshop will introduce you to practical ways to get off the Fragmented Focus Treadmill and stay focused. Having clear focus will:
  • Give you new energy and enthusiasm.
  • Save you time & money.
  • Stop you from recreating the wheel.
  • Save you from making costly mistakes.

Session 3 (3:15pm - 4:45pm):

Plenary Session:  Using Social Media to Propel Business Success

Moderated By: Lisa Kembler, ConstantContact.com

This plenary session is open to participants to discuss their experiences with social media and touching on topics such as "Turning Fans and Followers into Dollars", "How You Got Your First 500 Connections" and "How You Attract Local, National and International Connections

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