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The course's focus is not limited only to learning and harnessing the power of VMware, but the entire concept of virtualization, 3rd party tools, and technologies that will enhance VMware capabilities & increase the student's virtualization expertise.

Course Outline

Ultimate Bootcamps® give the student in-depth skills training through hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment. The focus of the CVE 4.1® training is to instill the knowledge required for the student to do their job efficiently and effectively first. To accomplish this, the Bootcamp provides a comprehensive, A-Z training experience, starting from the installation of the licensed product to real world troubleshooting scenarios. The course's focus is not limited only to learning and harnessing the power of VMware®, but the entire concept of virtualization, 3rd party tools, and technologies that will enhance VMware® capabilities and increase the student's virtualization expertise.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand all of the new and exciting features of VMware® vSphere 4.1
  • Understand foundational terms and concepts concerning virtualization
  • Install, configure, and support ESX Server 4 and vCenter 4 Configure Virtual Machines, templates, and clones
  • Configure Virtual networking including vNetwork Distributed Switches & vShield Zones & how to support VMotion & iSCSI Multipathing.
  • Use P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P methods and techniques
  • Use Server Consolidation procedures and reasoning
  • Use Tools to support a virtual infrastructure - VMware®, PlateSpin®, Vizioncore"¢, Veeam, and more
  • Use VMotion"¢, Storage VMotion, Distributed Power Mgt (DPM), Update Manager, Power Mgmt, Guided Consolidation, Fault Tolerance, Clustering - DRS / HA, etc.
  • Use Best Practices within a Virtual Enterprise
  • Perform backups in the ESX environment - Service Console and Virtual Machines - VCB and Data Recovery
  • Use the Command Line Interface for supporting ESX & ESXi Servers - ESX commands
  • Configure and optimize storage - FC, iSCSI, NFS, Multipathing, and Thin Provisioning
  • Course Intro & Methodology (HOL)
  • Virtualization Overview
  • Planning & Installing ESXi 4
  • Using Tools to Administer a VMware Environment
  • Configuring Networking
  • Configuring Storage
  • VirtualCenter and License Server
  • VM Creation and Configuration & Snapshots
  • Security and Permissions
  • Server and VM Monitoring
  • Advanced ESX and VirtualCenter Management
  • Patching and Upgrading ESX
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
Course Outline

I. Course Intro & Methodology (HOL)

II. Virtualization Overview

III. Planning & Installing ESXi 4

  • A. Planning ESX 4 Server Deployment
  • B. Deployment Guidelines
  • C. ESX 4 Installation (HOL)
  • D. ESXi 4 Server Install (HOL)
  • E. Configuring Hostname Resolution and NTP *HOL
  • F. Troubleshooting ESX 4 Server
IV. Using Tools to Administer a VMware Environment
  • A. Overview of 3rd Party Tools (HOL)
  • B. ESX / ESXI Management (vSphere Client, vCLI, Putty, PowerCLI, Web) (HOL)
  • C. Troubleshooting the vSphere Client (VIC)
V. Configuring Networking
  • A. Create & Modify Virtual Networks (HOL)
  • B. Create & Modify Virtual Networks using CLI (HOL)
VI. Configuring Storage
  • A. Storage Concepts
  • B. iSCSI Storage (GUI & Cmd Line) (HOL)
  • C. Fibre Channel Storage (GUI & Cmd Line)
  • D. VMFS Datastores (GUI & Cmd Line) (HOL)
  • E. NAS Storage and NFS Datastores (GUI & Cmd Line) (HOL)
  • F. Raw Device Mapping (RDM) (HOL)
VII. vCenter Server 4 and Licensing
  • A. Licensing
  • B. vCenter Server 4 Installation (HOL)
  • C. vCenter Server 4 Inventory (HOL)
  • D. Managing vCenter Server 4
  • E. Planning vCenter Server 4 Deployment
  • F. Troubleshooting vCenter
  • G. Server 4 DeploymentTroubleshooting the vSphere
  • H. Client (HOL)
VIII. VM Creation and Configuration & Snapshots
  • A. Create a VM (HOL)
  • B. Create Multiple VMs, Templates & Clones (HOL)
  • C. Virtual Appliances *HOL
  • D. VMware vCenter Converter 4 (P2V, V2V) (HOL)
  • E. Manage VMs (HOL)
  • F. Virtual Machine Startup / Shutdown
  • G. Virtual Machine Snapshots (HOL)
  • H. Web Access (HOL)
  • I. Troubleshooting Virtual Machines
IX. Security and Permissions
  • A. Security Overview (HOL)
  • B. User Access (HOL)
  • C. ESX AD Integration (HOL)
  • D. Managing Firewalls (HOL)
  • E. Advanced Security: SSH & SUDO (HOL)
X. Advanced ESX and VirtualCenter Management
  • A. Configuring Resource Pools (HOL)
  • B. Configuring VMotion (HOL)
  • C. Storage VMotion (HOL)
  • D. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) (HOL)
  • E. Resource Pools in DRS Clusters (HOL)
  • F. Host Profiles (HOL)
  • G. vNetwork Distributed Virtual Switch (HOL)
  • H. Cisco Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch
XI. Patching and Upgrading ESX
  • A. Patching ESX Server 4 (HOL)
  • B. Upgrades and Migrations (HOL)
  • C. Update Manager (HOL)
  • D. Upgrading from ESX 3.x to ESX 4.x (HOL)
XII. Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • A. Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • B. High Availability (HA) (HOL)
  • C. VMware Fault Tolerance
  • D. Microsoft Clustering
  • E. Backup Strategies
  • F. Using VCB Command Line Utilities (HOL)
  • G. VMware Data Recovery (HOL)
  • H. Third Party Backups (HOL)
XIII. Server and VM Monitoring
  • A. Tools for Optimization
  • B. Monitor VM Performance (HOL)
  • C. Configuring Alarms (HOL)
  • D. Collecting Log Files (HOL)
XIV. Installing and Configuring ESXi
  • A. ESXi 4 Server Install (HOL)
  • B. Managing ESXi 4 with VIC
  • C. Managing ESXI 4 through VirtualCenter

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I took the training remotely so I cannot comment on some of the questions. I think that this seminar has too much content to squeeze it into one week.... might be better as a two week course?
Reviewed by 2013
found the material very helpful - although there was a lot of material covered - the pace was well set. Would definitely recommend people to have explored Microsoft Access beforehand to be familiarized with the program before taking the course. I would imagine someone without any exposure would find it confusing. Environment really good - people very, very nice and helpful. Would definitely take the next level of access with the same training facility.
Reviewed by 2013
I was not in the physical classroom. Feedback centered around online training would be good because now I have to rate items that I was not present for. Those items are getting half a star because I was not there to rate them. The course material must go through an editing process. There are a lot of grammar mistakes, but also a lot of actual procedure/activity mistakes.
Reviewed by 2012

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