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Pay just a little more for a superior learning experience. In this QuickBooks 2010/2011 course you will learn how to set up a new company, manage bank account transactions, maintain customer, job, & vendor information, manage inventory, bank transactions

Course Outline
This course covers the fundamentals of using QuickBooks 2010/2011 to track the finances of a small business. Students will learn how to set up a new company, manage bank account transactions, maintain customer, job, and vendor information, manage inventory, generate reports, and use the Company Snapshot window. Students will also create invoices and credit memos, write and print checks, add custom fields, set up budgets, and learn how to protect and back up their data.

This course cost a few dollars more that most ... for good reasons:
  • This is a hands on course - no sitting in a hotel room listing to a trainer and following along with some handouts.  You get to learn and practice the skills.
  • Each student gets their own computer - no sharing of computers,  you will work 100% of the time on your own computer.
  • Each student gets a printed manual - a fully bound, comprehensive document that you will be able to refer to long after the session.
  • Maximum 6 students - so there is a lot of time to ask questions and get personalized attention from the teacher.
  • Guaranteed to run!   - Even with one student we guarantee the class will run.

  • About the Instructor

    Carolyn Rowe, CGA

    Carolyn has over 15 years experience working in the accounting field. Before becoming anindependent accountant and software trainer, she worked in numerous accounting roles, ranging from Corporate Accountant for a large franchisor to a Controller for a car leasing/sales company.  Carolyn is also a Certified Quickbooks Advisor and a Simply Accounting Solution Provider.  Her experience has allowed her to work with a myriad of businesses and has given her great experience in various industries.  Along with this broad foundation of expertise, she has a strong ability to assess the accounting and software needs of her clients and provide a service that exceeds expectations.

    What You'll Learn

    • Opening and closing company files and sample files
    • Navigating the home screen
    • Using the help section
    • Chart of Accounts: creating new accounts, editing accounts and deleting accounts.

    • Navigating the vendor centre
    • Creating/editing vendors
    • Entering bills and paying bills.
    • Writing cheques
    • Fixing mistakes €" editing, deleting and voiding transactions.
    • Reports
    • Item list - creating, editing and deleting inventory items
    • Creating purchase orders
    • Receiving items
    • Entering bills against received items
    • Paying bills
    • Writing cheques
    • Reports
    • Navigating the customer centre
    • Creating/editing customers
    • Item list - creating, editing and deleting service items
    • Creating estimates
    • Creating invoices
    • Brief overview of customizing invoices
    • Receiving payments
    • Making deposits
    • Creating statements
    • Fixing mistakes - editing, deleting and voiding transactions
    • Reports
    • Reconciling bank accounts
    • Entering credit card charges
    • Reconciling credit card statements
    • Transfering funds
    Introduction to Payroll
    • Navigating the employee centre
    • Creating/editing employees
    • Brief overview to paying employees
    Introduction to Sales Taxes
    • Manage sales taxes window
    • Brief overview to filing HST returns
    Easy Step Interview
    • Set up a company using the easy step interview
    • Backing up and restoring a company file
    • Report centre
    • Filtering reports
    • Memorizing reports
    • Brief overview of setting preferences

    Prerequisites & Certificates

    Please Note: This is not an accounting course. The students should already know the fundamentals of bookkeeping, including basic accounting terminology.

    Certificates offered

    Certificate of completion

    Cancellation Policy
    JN Software Consulting works hard to schedule our training and other services around your life, for your
    convenience. With that in mind we have the following cancellation policy for all booked training. 
    •  Less than 48 hours: Full quoted fee 
    •  Less than 5 business days: 20% of quoted fee 
    • NSF Charge Policy
      Clients will incur a $40 charge for any NSF cheques
     PLEASE NOTE: Onsite sessions are subject to a 3 hour minimum charge regardless of the duration of the actual training. For sessions expected to last less than 3 hours we suggest booking a live online training session.

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    JN Software Consulting
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    We have not received any reviews specific to this course as yet, however here are some reviews of the training vendor.

    one on one training at my office.
    Reviewed by 2017
    Excellent course. Even my most advanced excel users came away with valuable new ways to use excel. I highly recommend this course.
    Reviewed by 2012
    The course was well organized and I recieved lots of attention during the planning phase to make sure we designed the course appropriately for our team I would definately recommend JN Software.
    Reviewed by 2012
    Philippe was really good at catering the training to our needs. He figured out what our prior knowledge was on the topic and went from there istead of having us go over things we already knew. If we had been in a group setting this would not have been possible. He also was helpful in letting us know how the 2003 version was different from the 2010. We therefore purchased an additional training manual for the 2010 version as we recently had it installed on our workstations.
    Reviewed by 2012
    There was a little mix up with the time the course was to be held. The website said 9-4 but it should have been 10-5, so when I arrived no one was there. However, it was dealt with quickly after a call and the trainer arrived quickly. I was the only person attending the course, it was very informative and it allowed us to touch on all of the questions I had specifically.
    Reviewed by 2012
    The instructor was excellent - she was very knowledgeable, patient, and really tried to tailor the course and specific examples to each student. The room was bit too cold in the morning and quite warm in the afternoon, so I would recommend wearing layers for comfort! I would highly recommend this course.
    Reviewed by 2012
    The instructor used real situations from the participants, so it was extremely relevant to what we were doing. She was very knowledgable and answered all questions.
    Reviewed by 2011
    Very informative session focused on all my concerns regarding advanced QuickBooks. Carolyn was helpful and very pleasant to learn from. I would reccomend her highly and might want to work with her again in the future.
    Reviewed by 2011
    The instructor was very knowlegeable but the seminar wasn't very well structured. No handouts, ran out of time before al topics were covered. Certain points were belabored at the expense of covering all desired topics.
    Reviewed by 2011
    I think this training need more time, it was a bit short in duration
    Reviewed by 2011
    Course was given on site at my work place - very convenient. Outline changed during course to fit more with our goups needs. Time frame changed also and this caused some disorganization.
    Reviewed by 2011
    Gordon was a great presenter and traininer, I learned a lot and he has inspired me to further my knowledge in this subject.
    Reviewed by 2011
    We all enjoyed Shauna's presentation of Adobe. She's a knowledgeable trainer.
    Reviewed by 2011
    Good course, great instructor.
    Reviewed by 2011
    The instructor was amazing.
    Reviewed by 2011
    Excellent training - instructor, facility, course content. Thank you.
    Reviewed by 2011
    I took a private class with Jon and it was terrific. He was very knowledgeable and patient in explaining to me the mechanics of what I needed to know. I have worked with excel as long as I can remember, however I started a new job that required me to us
    Reviewed by 2008

    This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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