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This three day course teaches participants the concepts they need to know to use best practises to design a template supported by FrameMaker.

Course Outline
Our FrameMaker Template Design course emphasizes the development of FrameMaker templates incorporating the principles of good document design and best practices using FrameMaker's powerful features. Many of the topics will be familiar to those using FrameMaker.

Please note: This course is version agnostic. It covers the why & how of template content and documentation design.

This course is only for unstructured templates.

Structured templates require a structured application and then template format is mapped to the structured elements, i.e. EDD creation.


This three day course teaches participants the concepts they need to know to use best practises to design a template supported by FrameMaker.


Instructor-led, hands-on, classroom-delivery training.


Upon successful completion attendees will be able to:

* Document Analysis - identify and determine the needs of those who will use the documents

* Plan the FrameMaker template

* Determine the output the document will be viewed in Principles of good document design

* Page layout - page size, white space, margins, typefaces, type sizes, leading, line width, interactions of type size, line width and leading

* Highlight techniques - tips, notes

* Provide specific format considerations for technical manuals: Copy formats

* Create a 'usage and rules' document for authors

* Localization (translation) considerations

* Apply settings: Body pages; apply Master pages; Headers and footers; Add custom master pages; Map paragraph tags to master pages

* Add text frames

* Refine Paragraph Styles with the Paragraph Designer

* Use keep with options

* Understand Widow and orphan properties

* Adjust paragraph hyphenation

* Apply global update options

* Work with advanced numbering properties, building blocks, series labels

* Design character styles: Create and apply character styles; apply a character style to an autonumber

* Special bulleted paragraph styles

* Use Color: Apply color to character, paragraph, and table tags

* Tables: Create new table styles, apply table properties; ruling and properties; paragraph styles in tables; include graphics in tables

* Work with Reference Pages

* Boiler plate graphics

* Book Building: Set up numbering for chapters in a book; create a book file

* Tables of Contents: Generate and format a table of contents

* Indexes: Generate and format an Index

* Test and Update Templates

* Organize your Templates

Optional Topics:

May be able to covered over the three day period:

* Anchored Frames and Graphics

* Variables: Insert, change and add variables

* Conditional Tags: Apply conditional tags to text

* Create a conditional watermark

* Cross-references: Change cross-reference formats - add building blocks and character tags; add custom cross-reference formats, Hyper-link cross-references

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion * Participants receive reference materials related to course topics. Follow up support by email or phone, on topics covered, is available to participants for 90 days (4 hour limit).

Cancellation Policy
For training cancelled within 14 business days prior to the course date: 25% of the total training fee.

For training cancelled within 7 business days prior to the course date: 50% of the total training fee.

For training cancelled less than 5 business days prior to the course date: 100% of the total training fee.

Note: Failure to attend a course without notification of cancellation will result in a 100% charge of the total course fee.
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