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The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with Solid Works, a parametric design application used commonly for mechanical / industrial solid modeling.

Course Outline
The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with Solid Works, a parametric design application used commonly for mechanical/industrial solid modeling. The course begins with an overview of the sketching environment where students learn to create 2D objects such as lines and arcs. Definition is then added to the sketch including dimensions and geometric relationships. Solids are then quickly created by converting the sketches into 3D models. Solids are then arranged into assemblies where interference and motion can be studied. Professional technical drawings can then be generated in accordance with Industry standards.

Who should attend?

Mechanical/Industrial Designers, Interior Decorators, Engineers, Technologists, CNC Machinists, AutoCAD operators, or any individual wanting to go to the next design level and learn the leading software for 3D Modeling.

Main topics covered in this course:

- The SolidWorks User Interface
- 2D Sketching (Sketch Relations and Dimensions)
- 3D Modeling (Boss Feature, Cut Feature Revolved Feature)
- Hole Wizard
- Creating Patterns (Linear, Circular , Mirror, Curve Driven, Sketch Driven)
- Shelling and Ribs
- Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling (Adding Components and Mates)
- Inserting bolts and nuts from the Toolbox Library
- Analyzing the Assembly
- Creating Motion Simulation
- Exploding an Assembly
- Top-Down Assembly Modeling Method
- Editing Parts and Assemblies
- Creating Drawing Files
- Creating Drawing Views (Model, Orthographic, Section, Broken, Detailed)
- Annotations and Blocks (Dimensions, Title Blocks, Bill of Materials)
Prerequisites & Certificates

Basic knowledge of computers

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

Cancellation Policy
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- If you are withdrawing from a course, prior to the day of the first scheduled class, you will receive the full refund less a $25 administrative fee.
- If you withdraw before the end of the 3rd class, you will receive the full refund less 50% of the course materials fee and a $25 administrative fee.
- If you withdraw later than 3 classes from the course start date you will not receive a refund.
- There are no refunds allowed on one-day courses or courses of 12 hours or fewer unless you withdraw officially ten business days before the start of the course

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There is quite a bit of reading in this course, more excercises and practical training on how to read the drawings would make it more interesting.
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