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Explore the Photoshop interface & use several tools for selecting parts of images, move, duplicate & resize images. Learn to use layers & to apply layer effects & filters to create special effects. Use painting tools & blending modes to create shading..

Course Outline
Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

You will understand and use the various elements in the Photoshop CS5 interface so as to efficiently work with the software. You will use the different tools in Photoshop for selecting parts of images and identify the need for having layers in a Photoshop document. You will also organize the different components of the design as layers. With the layered Photoshop document thus created, you will apply layer effects and other special effects in order to enhance the appearance of the design. Once the design is finalized, you will save images in both print and web formats.

Learning Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

- Initiate a project.
- Explore the Adobe Photoshop CS5 environment.
- Determine the resolution and graphic type.
- Work with selections.
- Work with multiple layers.
- Enhance images with paint and filters.
- Identify the characteristics of various image modes and color adjustment options.
- Save images for web and print.

Target Student:
Adobe Photoshop CS5: Level 1 (Basic) is intended for a diverse audience including, but not limited to, computer-savvy professionals who want to create and enhance graphics for marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, and websites; photographers who want to work with and prepare photos for print or web; students with an interest in graphic design or those with novice design skills; and professionals who want to learn and use Photoshop CS5 as a complement to other CS5 programs, such as Illustrator.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Initiating a Project
Plan a Project
Identify Copyright and Citation Requirements

Section 2: Exploring the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Environment
Explore the Photoshop Interface
Explore the Photoshop Interface
Customize the Workspace
Explore Adobe Bridge

Section 3: Determining Graphic Type and Resolution
Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics
Understand Image Resolution

Section 4: Working with Selections
Create a Selection
Save a Selection
Modify a Selection
Apply Color to a Selection

Section 5: Working with Layers
Create Layers
Work with Type Layers
Transform Layers
Apply Styles
Undo Previous Steps
Manage Layers

Section 6: Enhancing Images with Paint and Filters
Paint on an Image
Apply Filter Effects

Section 7: Exploring Image Modes and Color Adjustments
Explore Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
Apply Color Adjustments

Section 8: Saving Images for Web and Print
Save Images for Print
Save Images for the Web
Save Images as PDF
Prerequisites & Certificates

Before taking this course, students should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer's operating system such as creating folders, launching programs, and working with Windows. Students should also have basic Windows application skills, such as copying and pasting objects, formatting text, and saving files.

Certificates offered

Training includes 1 course manual, a Certificate of completion, and a voucher for 30 days of After Training Support

Cancellation Policy

Compuease Cancellation Policy
We at Compuease work hard to arrange our schedules around your needs. Last minute cancellations put additional strain on our schedules and therefore we have the following Cancellation Policy for our Public Classes. You may cancel or reschedule a registration at any time up to 10 business days before the class without penalty. Canceling or rescheduling a registration within 10 business days requires full payment of the course fee. You are welcome to transfer your seat in a class to another individual at any time before the class.

Map & Reviews
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The room was kept at about 100 degrees. Also, we needed Photoshop CS5 on MACS. After we paid/registered, I was emailed and told they didn't have Macs. I said okay, we'll cancel. Then they said whoops sorry, we do have Macs. 12 hours before the course was to begin (we were travelling from out of town) they emailed to say they didn't have CS5 but only CS4 but that the instructor was "very knowledgeable." When we got there, there were in fact two computers that had CS5, but they weren't MACS, so we had to choose, either a PC with CS5 or a MAC with CS4. My PC kept crashing because it was so old and slow it couldn't handle a program like Photoshop. And since we were on CS5, everything the instructor told the class to do did not match what was on our screen and we had to hold the class up every half an hour saying "I don't have that option on my screen." The instructor made several references to sex (I appreciated his sense of humor, but not his taste or lack of) and he seemed more like a surfer dude than a teacher. He was very disorganized ,jumping all over the place, changing his mind about what he was going to talk about, etc. It was hard to follow what was going on in his head.
Reviewed by 2011
Would love to receive course manual (not available at time of course).
Reviewed by 2011
From the "get go" the day was filled with delays and set backs (crashing computers and time delays to upload material). It appears that zero time given to course preparation....photo's had not been uploaded onto computers; the computers had not been pre-tested for functionality. The training room was filled with static - likely contributing to the problems with the computers. There was student manual that was missing (mine). The instructor provided his copy to me, but was left with none himself until after the lunch hour. I do not beleive the instructor had any kind of tuturial/instructor manual prepared - certainly one was not followed. Students were not given the basic of this course in any formal training approach - it might have been useful to follow the manual but it all seemed very hap-hazard hard understand, confusing. I did not know should be learning and why. The terms or functions (tools/keys)in the software was not well explained leaving the student wondering what was and wasn't important to know and why... - The training area lacks professionalism and cleanliness....There is nowhere to go for "breaks" (ie no lounge areas / or lunch if you happen to bring your own... the stairways skinks...
Reviewed by 2011
Extremly bad training. Company obviously not prepared for training--trainer's computer did not work and went down 4 or 5 times, my workstation did not work, I moved from computer to computer, none of these worked so had to share. Workstations not prepared prior to course with proper files (instructor had to load during break and this took over an hour). I could go on and on about how terrible this training was and this was not due to the instructor who was trying. We ended the session and asked for a re-take as the training was a complete disaster from start to end. One star for many of the above ratings is being generous.
Reviewed by 2011

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