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In this course, participants will learn how to create, save, open and close files; enter data; as well as edit using insert, delete, move and copy functions.

Course Outline
This course is designed for new users. The course provides beginner concepts required to produce basic spreadsheets. Participants will learn how to create, save, open and close files; enter data; as well as edit using insert, delete, move and copy functions. This course presents simple formula creation concepts including the use of built-in functions.  Relative formulas will also be covered. On completion of this course students will be familiar with formatting features such as: row heights, column width, alignment, merge cells and number styles. Participants will also work with margins, headers and footers to enhance page layout in different views to prepare for printing.

Course Content
Excel Layout

  • Ribbon
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Backstage
  • Status Bar
  • Keyboard Commands
  • Contextual Menus and the Mini Toolbar
  • Help
Managing Workbooks
  • Types of Data
  • Creating a Blank Workbook
  • Opening an Existing Workbook
  • Saving Workbooks
  • Excel Data
Entering Data
  • Moving around in Excel
  • Changing Column and Row Size
  • Selecting Cells
  • Ranges
  • AutoFill
  • AutoComplete
Editing in Excel
  • Edit Mode
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Undo and Redo
  • Inserting Cells, Rows and Columns
  • Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Deleting Contents of a Cell
  • Clear Formatting in a Cell
  • Comments
  • Go to Feature
  • Spell Checking
Formatting in Excel
  • Formatting Cells
  • Numbers
  • Font
  • Alignment - Merge and Center
  • Borders
  • Patterns and Colors
  • Format Painter
Excel Formulas
  • Creating Formulas - Operators and Built-In Functions
  • Relative Formulas
  • Sum, Average, Max, Min
Printing in Excel
  • Margins
  • Orientations


Prerequisites & Certificates

Basic computer concepts, skills and knowledge of Windows

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

Cancellation Policy
10 business days cancellation or full course fee will be charged
Map & Reviews
Technology Training Centre
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Julie is an excellent instructor and I loved the class. She is very knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. Although the class was hard to find, sitting in the grass for my break in the beautiful courtyard was amazing. I will be back for more classes.
Reviewed by 2015
When using Excel it can be confusing, but if u were to have a second day for this info to sink into the brain and be able to come back and try and create our own spreadsheet I feel what we learned would stay in our memory bank better.
Reviewed by 2013
I truly appreciated this course and learned a lot, I now plan to take the next courses as well!
Reviewed by 2012
Reviewed by 2012
Julie was awesome, she is very knowledable and very patient.
Reviewed by 2012
Concise, clear and well presented. I would request this facilitator for any future courses based on my confidence is her ability to communicate effectively and based on her knowledge of the materials.
Reviewed by 2012
Had never done Excel before, it was all greek to me. Maybe need to repeat work sheets twice. I will come back for repeat class.
Reviewed by 2012
Great training, had to meet the various needs from no experience to some with experience. Washrooms looked tired and need of improvement. Personally prefer an early start/early finish 8am to 3pm would be great
Reviewed by 2011

This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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