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This course is for anyone managing identity in the enterprise using the Novell Identity Manager 4 family of products that includes roles provisioning.

Course Outline

Need to know about roles and roles provisioning? The Novell Identity Manager 4 family of products now includes roles provisioning. Users can now be granted resource and access rights according to job roles. Using roles in your enterprise can help identify separation of duties violations for compliance purposes and allows for automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of resources as employees change job functions. In Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition: Customization and Roles (Course 3110), you will learn to manage entitlements, configure custom workflows, create roles and more. Start using the full power of roles provisioning today.


This course is for anyone managing identity in the enterprise using the Novell Identity Manager 4 family of products that includes roles provisioning. Additionally, this course is ideal preparation for those seeking the Certified Novell Identity Manager 4 (CNIMA) certification.


During this course, you will learn to:

* Develop polices
* Implement advanced drivers
* Configure and run advanced reports
* Manage entitlements
* Configure custom workflows
* Define and create roles with Roles Based Provisioning
* Customize the user application

Course Outline

* SECTION 1 - Security: Roles and Permissions
  • Objectives: Overview of the Model - Domains - Domain Administrators - Teams and Proxy - Navigation Access
* SECTION 2 - Work Dashboard User Interface
  • Objectives: Describe Work Dashboard - Navigate Work Settings - Navigate Other Tabs
* SECTION 3 - Entitlements Creation to Implementation
  • Objectives: Entitlement Overview - Entitlement Schema - Entitlement Design
* SECTION 4 - Building Custom Workflows
  • Objectives: Describe DAL - Directory Abstraction Layer Editor - Provisioning Definition Editor - Workflow Development
* SECTION 5 - Driver Customization
  • Objectives: Configuring Identity Manager Drivers - Driver Authentication Parameters - Driver Placement - Driver Authority - Entitlements - Security Equivalence
* SECTION 6 - Regular Expressions and IDM4
  • Objectives: Regular Expressions Review - Syntax - Regular Expressions in Policies - Regular Expressions Examples
* SECTION 7 - Using XPath in IDM4
  • Objectives: XPath Review - XPath Syntax - XPath with XML - XPath in Policies
* SECTION 8 - ECMA Script in IDM4 Policies
  • Objectives: ECMA Script Review - Using ECMA Script - Example Use - Best Practices
* SECTION 9 - Advanced Package Management



This course will help prepare you for the Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator (CNIMA) exam (#050-730).

Prerequisites & Certificates

You should have taken Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition: Administration (Course 3109) or have equivalent experience before taking this course.

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

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