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Topics included in this 1 day course: Introduction to Windows; The Basics; Customizing Windows; Basic Proofing Tools; Font Formatting; File Management; Using The Internet; Printing Information

Course Outline
Chapter 1 – Introduction to Windows
1.1.    About Windows
1.2.    The Windows Environment
1.3.    The Mouse
1.4.    Starting a Program
1.5.    Using Windows
1.6.    Scrolling Windows
1.7.    Shutting Down Windows
1.8.    Changing Window Views
1.9.    Sorting Folder Content
1.10.    Windows Help

Chapter 2 – The Basics
2.1     Setting Monitor Display Properties
2.2.    Navigating Folders
2.3.    Creating Desktop Shortcuts
2.4.    Pinning Items to the Taskbar/The Quick Launch Toolbar
2.5.     The Control Panel
2.6.    Back-up and Restore in Windows 7
2.7.     Back-up and Restore in Windows Vista
2.8.     System Restore
2.9.    Creating Users
2.10.    Audio Adjustment
2.11.    Adding Devices/Printers
2.12.    Installing and Uninstalling New Software
Chapter 3 – Customizing Windows
3.1.    Moving and Resizing the Windows Taskbar
3.2.     Setting the Date/Time Display
3.3.    Windows Update
3.4.    Customizing the start Menu

Chapter 4 – Basic Proofing Tools
4.1.    Starting WordPad
4.2.    Editing Text
4.3.    Formatting Text
4.4.    Saving a Document
4.5.    Opening a Document
4.6.    Printing a Document
4.7.    Closing a Document

Chapter 5 – Font Formatting
5.1.    Starting Paint
5.2.    Drawing Shapes and Lines
5.3.    Adding Text
5.4.    Erasing Parts of a Picture
5.5.      Saving a Picture
5.6.    Opening a Picture

Chapter 6 – File Management
6.1.    Searching for a File or Folder
6.2.    Selecting Files
6.3.    Opening a File
6.4.    Opening a Recently Accessed File
6.5.    Creating a New Folder
6.6.    Renaming Files
6.7.    Cutting, Copying and Pasting Files and Folders
6.8.    Burning a CD or DVD
6.9.    Deleting Files
6.10.    The Recycle Bin

Chapter 7 – Using The Internet
7.1.     About the Internet
7.2.    Using Internet Explorer
7.3.    Connecting to the Internet
7.4.    MS Security Essentials

Chapter 8 – Printing Information
8.1.    Selecting a Printer
8.2.    General Printing Options
8.3.    Managing Print Jobs
8.3.    Managing Print Jobs

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Cancellation Policy
A full 5 business days notice is required to change or cancel any course date.
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