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Topics included in this 1 day course: Using Clip Art; Drawing Objects; Conditional Formatting & Cells Styles; Paste Special; Sharing Workbooks; Auditing Worksheets; Outlining Worksheets; Consolidating Worksheets; Creating Worksheet Charts; Pivot tables..

Course Outline
Chapter 12 – Using Clip Art
12.1.    Creating 3D Formulas
12.2.    3D Formula Syntax
12.3.    Creating 3D Range References

Chapter 13 – Drawing Objects
13.1.    Naming Ranges
13.2.    Creating Names from Headings
13.3.    Moving to a Named Range
13.4.    Using Named Ranges in Formulas
13.5.    Naming 3D Ranges
13.6.    Managing Named Ranges

Chapter 14 – Conditional Formatting and Cells Styles
14.1.    Conditional Formatting
14.2.    Finding Cells with Conditional Formatting
14.3.    Using Table and Cell Styles

Chapter 15 – Paste Special
15.1.    Using Paste Special
15.2.     Pasting Linked Formulas

Chapter 16 – Sharing Workbooks
16.1.    Sharing Workbooks
16.2.    Highlighting Changes   
16.3.    Reviewing Changes
16.4.    Using Comments
16.5.    Compare and Merge Workbooks

Chapter 17 – Auditing Worksheets
17.1.    Auditing Worksheets
17.2.    Tracing Precedent and Dependent Cells
17.3.    Tracing Errors
17.4.    Error Checking
17.5.    Using the Watch Window
17.6.    Cell Validation

Chapter 18 – Outlining Worksheets
18.1.    Using Outlines
18.2.    Applying and removing Outlines

Chapter 19 – Consolidating Worksheets
19.1.    Consolidating Data

Chapter 20 – Creating Worksheet Charts
20.1.    Creating Charts
20.2.    Selecting Charts and Chart Elements
20.3.    Moving and Resizing Charts
20.4.    Changing the Chart Type
20.5.    Changing the Data Range
20.6.    Switching Column and Row data
20.7.    Choosing a Chart Layout
20.8.    Choosing a Chart Style
20.9.    Printing Charts
20.10.    Deleting Charts

Chapter 21- Editing and Formatting Charts
21.1.    Formatting Chart Objects
21.2.    Inserting Objects into a Chart
21.3.    Changing Chart Labels
21.4.    Changing Axes Display
21.5.    Changing the Chart Background
21.6.    Applying Shape Styles to Chart Elements
21.7.    Naming Charts
21.8.    Applying Shape Styles to Chart Elements
21.9.    Applying WordArt styles to Chart Elements
21.10.    Saving Custom Chart Templates

Chapter 22- Pivot tables
22.1    Creating PivotTables and Pivot Charts
22.2    Manipulating a Pivot Table
22.3.    Changing Calculated value Fields
22.4.    Applying PivotTable Styles
22.5.    Creating a PivotChart
22.6.    Setting PivotTable Options
22.7.    Sorting and Filtering PivotTable Data

Prerequisites & Certificates

Microsoft Excel 2007 Level 1 or equivalent experience

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
A full 5 business days notice is required to change or cancel any course date.
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