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High performance managers perform like company owners. They satisfy customers, create a great workplace, & deliver bottom-line results. SmartManager builds this breed of managers who use their skills & the skills of others to grow the company faster.

Course Outline

Witz SmartMANAGER™ Training guides you in the development of the performance skill sets every manager needs to master – regardless of how long you have been managing. This highly proactive course delivers team management skills and refines your ability to adjust to changing circumstances to produce original solutions that drive performance.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Managers, supervisors, team leads, group leaders.

Course Outline
  • Guiding principles of management
  • Refining your current management style
  • Getting to effective, focused employee performance
  • Communicating information and ideas clearly and succinctly
  • Influencing effectively
  • Timely coaching, guidance and feedback against performance expectations
  • Establishing effective foundations for resolving problems
  • Expanding the talent around you
  • Prioritizing and clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Gaining commitment to ensure the success of departmental and corporate goals
  • Developing yourself and sculpting the next generation of managers 


  • Authenticate the quality of your ideas and be more persuasive
  • Increase credibility through powerful communication, logical approaches,
    conciseness and professionalism
  • Remain focused and increase productivity in day-to-day activities
  • Improve your current personal style of interactive skills with increased confidence
  • Remove roadblocks that prevent task completion
  • Create a performance format for quick resolution to specific challenges
  • Shift to advanced communication model when managing emotions
  • Build a real trust between management and employees that creates genuine mutual
    respect and enthusiasm for tasks
  • Become better skilled in your negotiations and daily interactions
  • Convey the right messages for the results you want

Participants also learn to extend this strategic skill set to their key
day-to-day tasks, including:

  • How to divide your attention correctly so you can be at the right place at the right time
  • Manage stressful situations and use positive resolution techniques to enhance outcomes
  • How to balance traditional methods with new management theories
  • How to increase customer focused performance
  • How to manage others
  • Accurately define yourself and interact influentially


Prerequisites & Certificates

SmartMANAGERTM has been devloped to enhance the performance of those who are individually responsible for at least 10 staff. Attendees must have a minimum of six months experience in their current position.

Certificates offered

Participants will receive a Certificate of completion Limited just-in-time coaching is available with a Witz facilitator when assistance is needed following your SmartMANAGERTM Program. Coaching allows graduates to strategize challenging situations with a professional coach for immediate move-forward actions.

Cancellation Policy
Where possible, Witz Training will accommodate any day/date changes or postponements to the scheduled program prior to commencement. The Client accepts liability for days/dates that cannot be changed.

Postponement Fee:
A postponement fee of $250.00 per attendee/per day shall be charged provided notice of the postponement is received and acknowledged by Witz Training within a minimum of 14 (fourteen) business days prior to the scheduled program date(s). Without such a receipt of acknowledgment, the onus lies with The Client to ensure that Witz Training has in fact accepted the aforementioned notification. For any date changes, regardless of the reason, a charge of $250.00 per attendee/per day will be applied. Should the training be cancelled thereafter for any reason the balance of the fee (80%) will be due at once.

Substitutions are permitted at no charge and provided that such substitutions can be accommodated without altering the structure of the program.

Cancellation Policy:
- Cancellations in excess of 120 days prior to training are subject to a 40% cancellation fee.
- Within 90 days - 60% fee.
- Within 60 days - 75% fee
30 days or less - 100% fee.

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