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This two day weekend workshop intensive is designed to comprehensively take you through Presentation/Public Speaking Design & Delivery Techniques from beginning to end.

Course Outline

Break free of restrictive behaviors and take risks. Become self aware vs. self-conscious. Then speak to be listened to. Speak to be heard.

Whether you need to deliver a formal presentation, learn to speak up in meetings, think and speak on your feet when under pressure, improve your sales quota...feel more comfortable socially, you will gain confidence as you discover the power of being interested rather than interesting. You will know who your audience is and zero in on their deepest needs. You will master the art of listening and responding with presence and authenticity.

This course is designed to not only take you through the essentials of presentation design but it is set up to give plenty of practice to ensure you develop confident delivery skills.

The small group classes are facilitated in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, especially geared to ensure each individual grows and meets their target goal.

In Voice Power(TM)s" Powerful Presentation Strategies course you will:

Discover the power of being interested rather than interesting
Zero in on your audiences deepest needs
Develop a powerful message and focus your content to support your message
Keep your audience totally engaged at all times
Learn accelerated learning techniques to deepen your audience's experience
Create dynamic personalized visual aids that focus your audience
Learn powerful stress management techniques
Develop your voice and body awareness and release distracting mannerisms
Think on your feet and answer challenging questions
Speak with authenticity



Learn your default communication style
Gain a clear picture of your specific leaning goals

Presentation Design:
Learn the difference between engaging presentations vs. data dump & rambling
Speech Purpose: clarifying intention
Research Strategies: audience analysis, topic, context
Develop your message

Presentation Delivery:
Practice delivering a variety of messages with ease and clarity

Build Trust and Rapport
Speak to be listened to-Speak to be heard


Presentation Design
Identifying Design Structure
Brainstorm content to support your message and honour your purpose
Choose three key points to drive home your purpose
Choose a design template that suits your needs

Presentation Delivery
Practice Empowered Presence"¢ exercises
Practice delivering message and introducing framework
Learn and practice a powerful opening & close

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Certificate of Bronze Level Completion Public Speaking/Presentation Design & Delivery

Cancellation Policy
$50.00 administration fee for cancellation up to 5 business days prior to course start date. 50% of discounted course fee for registration cancellation 4 business days or less prior to course start date.
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