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At The Result Source's One-Day Cold-Call Bootcamp, you will get a fail-safe system for doubling the number of sales appointments and increasing your bottom line.

Course Outline

The best sales tool to easily, cost-effectively, and quickly increase sales - in any market... is called the "phone"... yet most people avoid it if they can!

You can double Your Sales with a Fail-Safe System to Double the Number of Sales Appointments and Increase Your Bottom Line

No matter how many leads you get from your website...

No matter how effective your marketing message ...

No matter how fantastic your product is...

Eventually, you have to pick up the phone and talk to your customers!

Whether you are in a boom or in a recession, best business practices are always in fashion.

At The Result Source's One-Day Cold-Call Bootcamp, you will get a fail-safe system for doubling the number of sales appointments and increasing your bottom line.

You will walk away with:
  •  Finding out how “the money is in the list”
  •  Powerful scripting techniques
  •  Clear value proposition
  •  Voicemail scripts and strategies
  •  Objection-handling techniques
  •  Increased confidence on the phone
  •  A Proven Cold-Calling System that will keep you motivated, and much more...

A lot of other courses will teach you a few tricks to use on the phone. But, we give you full access to our proven cold-calling system - based on real-life experience.

We have been cold-calling to set sales appointments for our clients for over seven years. We know, first-hand, what it takes to be successful at cold-calling new prospects
- and that's what we will teach you.

What is the Cold-Call Bootcamp?
The Cold-Call Bootcamp is designed for people who use the phone as their primary method of communication with prospects and customers.

Participants are led through the logical sequence of the sales call, using a consultative (question-based) sales approach, learning step-by-step, what-to-say and how-to-say it ideas, strategies and techniques which help them become more confident, effective and productive on their very next call. And learning is made fun and motivating presented by cold-call expert Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming.

Attendees tell us they have a new sense of confidence as they prospect for new business, follow-up with existing contacts and customers delivering real clue, and handle inquiries and turn them into sales.

This is the program that demystifies prospecting using the phone, bottom-line!

You get real how-to-information-not blue sky theory or goofy, salesy garbage-that participants use and show results from right away!

Who Attends the Bootcamp?
Many other business-to-consumer salespeople find the concepts useful as well.

The instruction is at the hands-on level, for the person who is on the phone. However, we find that many attendees are managers, supervisors and trainers who are able to take the hundreds of how-to ideas, word-for-word tips and strategies and use them in their own in-house training.

For Both the New and Experienced Sales Professionals

Sales reps who have never had sales training walk away with a methodical system and process for placing successful calls, and are confident in doing so. (Our experience shows it pays to correctly train new reps before bad habits are entrenched.) And experienced sales pros leave energized, armed with new ideas, old bad habits corrected, and being reminded of the tried and true (yet sometimes neglected) fundamentals which were rescued from the recesses of their memory.
Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

At the end of the Cold-Call Bootcamp, you will receive your Cold-Call Bootcamp Certification 1. You will be able to hit the ground running upon arriving back at the office. You will have a fail-safe system – more than your money’s worth for an excellent day of training.

Cancellation Policy
All sales are final. You can reschedule your training to the next available date upon request.
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