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Get Your Sales Activities Off to a Fantastic Start. Are You Ready to Learn, Step-by-Step, How to Double Your Income Selling over the Phone? With This 6-Week Tele-Coaching Program, Now You Can!

Course Outline
Are you are sick and tired of:
  • Dreading cold calling?
  • Not getting enough sales appointments to meet your sales quota?
  • Getting interrogated and blown off by gatekeepers or assistants?
  • Being controlled by the prospect and then getting nowhere?
  • Sending out unqualified leads and then chasing people who never buy?
  • Being frustrated by the same old put offs and objections?
  • Going home at the end of the day defeated and wondering why you ever got into sales to begin with?

The Result Source’s Cold-Calling 2.0 Tele-Coaching 6–Week Program will provide you with viable, step-by-step solutions to overcome these and many other obstacles that you may be struggling with. After this program you will be able to:

  • Avoid the pitfalls, snares and common missteps of traditional sales approaches
  • Have access to a proven, field-tested sales system that’s generated millions of dollars in revenue for hundreds of companies
  • Develop a consistent approach to selling and stop playing “sales roulette”
  • Stop attracting the “little fish” and start pulling in the “big kahuna”
  • See recognition and appreciation for your value and stop being treated like a commodity
  • Create a predictable revenue stream with large corporations where there's even more growth potential
LET’S FACE IT -- Most people who sell (business owners, consultants, and sales reps) are adlibbing their way through their careers and their results show it! And no wonder -- they’ve have never had any kind of specific training about how to succeed in selling over the phone. Don’t let this happen to you!

 Learn the specific skills, techniques and strategies that top 10% producers use to consistently close 80% of the sales and earn 80% of the income in your company or industry.

The bottom line: If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting

On the other hand, by learning and consistently applying these proven skills and techniques, you can immediately begin closing more sales and EARNING MORE MONEY!

By using these strategies, you can double your income selling over the phone and you can do it much quicker than you think.

Who Should Attend This 6-Week Tele-Coaching Program?
  • If you use the telephone to sell your product or service business-to-business
  • If you set appointments for yourself or for others
...then this Tele-Coaching Program is designed for you.

Typical attendees include account managers, account executives, sales executives, outbound customer service reps, telemarketers who use a consultative, needs-based approach. Outside sales reps can also benefit from the no-nonsense, core selling skills content of this course.

What You'll Learn

Week 1: Preparing for Success

  • What Top 10% performance is and how to get it
  • The five rules of the Top 10% and what you need to start doing right now
  • The single greatest asset to the Top 10% - a targeted database - and how to get yours
  • The single thing you can start doing today to double your income in 90 days
  • Understanding your closing ratio and other important call metrics
  • Pre-call preparation - create the right environment to succeed

Week 2: Finding Customers Who Are Ready to Buy (60+ min.)

  • Why being promiscuous in your prospecting decreases your success rate
  • How to define your ideal targeted customer using key factors relevant to your sales success
  • Identifying triggering events that significantly increase your likelihood of getting the business
  • Price of admission - expected research and homework
  • What customers want from sellers today - and why they'll totally dismiss you unless you meet their expectations
  • Multiple strategies to locate the right buyer for your product or service offering

 Week 3: Developing Strong Value Propositions

  •  Why changes in the market have made the traditional ways of talking about your company's offering obsolete
  • How a value proposition is different from an 'elevator speech' and a 'unique selling proposition'
  • The key components of strong value propositions
  • The four types of scripts every successful cold-caller memorizes
  • How to successfully deal with assistants
  • Leaving voicemail messages that actually get returned
  • How to use e-mail to your advantage

Week 4: Objection-Handling and Preparing for the Close

  • What to say when you encounter those common, sales-derailing obstacles like "we're already working with another company" or "there's no money in the budget."
  • How what you're saying may actually create the bulk of your customer’s objections and how to effortlessly eliminate them

Week 5: The System

  • The big pay-offs of researching your targets before the call
  • Sales letter versus sales introduction brief - the difference that gets you in the door
  • The five things to include on your qualifying checklist
  • Identifying and dealing with red flags
  • Learning to ask the tough questions
  • Getting commitment
  • Key lead management techniques that can keep your contacts in order and ensure timely follow-up of all prospects
  • Implementing your own online or offline contact management system for prospecting that supports the call
  • Systems that transform your 'B' prospects become your 'A' prospects

Week 6: The Power of Top 10% Thinking

  • Voice training and script delivery secrets of sales masters
  • Why your thinking and attitude always determine your results
  • How to eliminate the fear of asking for the order
  • Learning not to talk past the close
  • What potential really is and why you are not living up to yours
  • The self talk of the Top 10%
  • The five secrets of effective affirmations
  • Why you haven't reached your goals and what you can do to make sure you do
Here’s What One Participant Had to Say:

We have been able to double the number of appointments we can set per month using this process. This can end up meaning an extra million dollars in sales this year. Although it took some thought and planning, I now know where my leads are coming from and I have a more accurate forecast than ever before.

J. Chu, ScotiaMcleod

As a Program Participant, You’ll Receive:
  • Our Comprehensive Cold-Calling 2.0 Tele-Coaching Sales Manual. This downloadable, interactive book contains all six session units. This is comprehensive cold-calling sales manual contains proven examples and scripted responses that you can begin using immediately to improve the quality of your leads and make more sales. This manual will be an invaluable tool in your sales arsenal -- you’ll use it over and over again.
  • Special Bonus #1: Free Script Review. For program participants only, I’ll review any opening or closing script you'd like to submit. Simply e-mail me a script and I’ll send it back to you with my comments and corrections. A $500 value, this bonus is yours free.
  • Special Bonus #2: Program graduates also qualify for a free hour-long group coaching session with me, Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming. One week after our last session, I’ll conduct a group question-and-answer coaching call strictly for program members. This is a terrific opportunity to get answers to specific questions that you may have thought of since the conclusion of the program. This valuable session is a $300 value and it's yours free for attending the program.
  • Special Bonus #3: If you miss a call or you want to listen to the coaching call again, simply access a web page reserved only for attendees where you can download of copy of the recording for your personal use. This is alone is worth the registration fee!


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Cancellation Policy
All sales are final. You can reschedule your training to the next available date upon request.
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