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Any textbook will tell you what a positioning statement is and why you need it. In this tele-workshop, I値l show you how to create the most compelling Positioning Statement for you -- and then I値l show you how to turn it into a powerful sales tool.

Course Outline
Any textbook will tell you what a positioning statement is and why you need it. In this Essential Message tele-workshop, Iツ値l show you how to create the most compelling Positioning Statement for you -- and then Iツ値l show you how to turn it into a powerful sales tool that you can easily and naturally use in any conversation!

Dear Independent Professional,

If youツ池e like most people in business, you already know that a positioning statement is an essential element in your sales and marketing toolbox. But having sat through other sales and marketing presentations, you might be worried that working on your positioning statement will be just another word-play exercise that wonツ稚 do anything to build sales.

"Your session was great. It gave us all a new way to think about our 'Essential Message' and the way we communicate with prospective clients - even those we meet in social settings. Thank you!"

The simple, proven fact is that a well-developed positioning statement enables you to focus your energy on the real business of getting sales. And when itツ痴 applied properly to your website, sales material and networking conversations, your positioning statement becomes your most powerful ally in attracting the right customers, right away.
In this tele-workshop Iツ値l show you the few simple but dramatically powerful steps that most marketing textbooks leave out. Then Iツ値l show you how to turn your positioning statement into a powerful sales tool you can use in conversation so it sounds natural and engaging.

"It was great meeting you at the Ditch Your Pitch session, I probably took more out of your session than I did from the rest of the conference. Thanks again!ツ

This is not a boring, old seminar -- it's a fun, interactive forum where you get to you work on your business with a group of highly intelligent, independent professionals just like you!
You will learn:
  • The 5 core elements that every positioning statement should have (even if you already have a positioning statement, itツ痴 almost guaranteed youツ池e missing one of them)
  • The mistake that almost all businesses make when using their positioning statement in their marketing materials (and how you can avoid it)
  • How to turn your positioning statement into a compelling conversation starter at networking events and in sales situations
  • And more!
You can continue to 'bumble along' in life and in business without a strong, compelling positioning statement, or you can finally get the clarity you need and the business you want... What are you going to do?

If you're a coach, consultant, advisor, a professional salesperson or in any business where your involvement makes a big difference, then this workshop will make a big difference. You owe it to yourself to register for this workshop now. This is a fun and effective way to build your business!
Money Back Guarantee If you complete your homework and participate fully in the exercises, and you still don't feel you got value out of the workshop, then we will gladly refund your money. (FYI -- so far, we're batting 1,000!)
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If you must cancel your participation at the conference, we will apply your investment towards a future Remarkable Conference or you can choose to send a substitute. A full refund will be given if Roz Usheroff is unable for any reason to host The Remarkable Leader. No refunds will be given for any other reason.

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