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This course will provide you with the skills necessary to begin using Access. Topics include designing & creating databases, tables, queries, forms & reports. Day 2 focuses intermediate Access skills, including table relationships, referential integrity

Course Outline
This course will provide you with the skills necessary to begin using Access. Topics include designing and creating databases, tables, queries, forms and reports. Day 2 focuses intermediate Access skills, including table relationships, referential integrity, how to integrate data with other applications, modify table design to control data entry, find data, filters, queries, customize forms and reports, and create data access pages.

CORE TOPICS An Overview of Access
Understand relational databases
Examine the Access environment
Open the database environment
Examine an Access table

Managing Data
Examine an Access form
Add and delete records
Sort records
Display recordsets
Update records
Run a report

Establishing Table Relationships
Identify table relationships
Identify primary and foreign keys in the relationships windows
Work with subdatasheets

Querying the Database
Create a select query
Add criteria to a query
Add a calculated field to a query
Perform a calculation on a record grouping
Creating Flexible Queries
Set select query properties
Create parameter queries
Create action queries
Designing Forms
Examine form design guidelines
Create a form using AutoForm
Create a form using the Form Wizard
Modify the Design of a Form
Producing Reports
Create an AutoReport
Create a report by using the Wizard
Examine a report in Design View
Add a calculated field to a report
Modify the format properties of a control
AutoFormat a report
Adjust the width of a report

Planning a Database
Design a relational database
Identify database purpose
Review existing data
Determine fields
Group fields
Group fields into tables
Normalize the data
Designate primary and foreign keys
Building the Structure of a Database
Create a new database
Create a table using a Wizard
Create tables in Design View
Create relationships between tables
Controlling Data Entry
Restrict data entry with field properties
Create an input mask
Create a lookup field
Finding and Joining Data
Find data with filters
Create query joins
Join unrelated tables
Relate data within a table
Improving Your Forms
Enhance the appearance of a form
Restrict data entry in forms
Add command buttons
Create a subform
Customizing Your Reports
Organize report information
Set report control properties
Control report pagination
Summarize information
Add a subreport to an existing report
Create mailing labels
Expanding the Reach of Your Data
Publish Access data as a Word document
Analyze Access data in MS Excel
Merge Access data with a MS Word document
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Computer Basics

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Course Retake

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1. You must take the course within 6 months of the original course date (no exceptions). After that time, the full course fee will be charged again.

2. Registration is on a stand-by basis only. If the course date you select becomes fully booked you will be asked to choose another date, which must be within 6 months of the original course date.

3. If you need to change or cancel your free re-take course, we must receive a full 3 business days notice of the change. If insufficient notice is received, this offer no longer applies and the full course fee will be charged again, should you choose to book another date.

4. This course is not transferable to another person. It must be taken by the same person who was scheduled for the original course.

5. This offer applies to the same course only (same software program, same course level and the same software version as was originally booked).
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We have not received any reviews specific to this course as yet, however here are some reviews of the training vendor.

The Course was too fast. It was supposed to be Quickbooks level 1 and we were handed a manual. During the course we only covered half or even less from that manual. The Instructor promised to e-mail the students the rest of insturctions for the course within the week. I have received nothing up until today. I did not get what I was really looking for. Sorry to say that, but I feel it was not worth the time and money I spent.
Reviewed by 2012
Reviewed by 2011
Joseph was a great instructor.
Reviewed by 2011
I took Quick Books 1 and 2 and came away with a lot of new information. I really like the course book that was given to me. I will be referring to this book when I have a question. My instructor was knowledgeable, willing to answer my numerous questions and very personable.
Reviewed by 2011
Great instructor
Reviewed by 2011
the instructor was very good. The one topic that I wanted to learn the most the computer was not set up properly so we could not go thru it which was very dissappointing. It is alot of info for one day but that is the way these courses are so it was not a shock.
Reviewed by 2011
The course was helpful, and the reading materials were extremely helpful. However, the structure of the course (in terms of pace, etc.) were not reasonable. For example, we spent almost half of the first day's class only going through Overview of the Microsoft Access application and usage of tables, even though they were almost all known information to all the students in the class. We also spent a lot of time reading through all the examples and following step by step process, instead of the Instructor guiding the class through the steps. This was time consuming, as this was something we could do at our own time. The Instructor needs to be more prepared for the class, and make it more interactive and lead the class through the steps, rather than sit along with us and read the steps to complete the examples.
Reviewed by 2011
Do not recommend this course with this vendor. Very poor delivery by instructor and he was not knowledgeable or confidence-inspiring or engaging at all. Complete waste of time.
Reviewed by 2011
-in this particular session, there was a student whom was placed in our class instead of 2007 excel. the student was angry about this and therefore communicated that to the instructor. the instructor therefore taught our class 2003 and also taught 2007 to her. I found this distracting and felt that the rest of us lost the attention that we should have received for the teacher to teach us 2003.
Reviewed by 2011
Great INstructor. Very knowledgeable.
Reviewed by 2011
We did not go thoruhg all the chapters, fell behind. Some - with good reason - was due to asking allot of question - but mostly too much talking. A few errors on the course notes.
Reviewed by 2011
An enyoyable, lively and personalized workshop. No fluff, just what I wanted to learn.
Reviewed by 2008

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