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Create highly efficient & attractive worksheets using Excel. Efficiently manage your sales, purchases, expenses, & any other information pertaining to your business.

Course Outline
Create highly efficient and attractive work sheets using Microsoft Office Excel. Efficiently manage your sales, purchases, expenses, and any other information pertaining to your business. Microsoft Office Excel?s highly efficient tools will always be at your fingertips and willprovide you with practical yet simple solutions to manage all of your data needs.

Course Outline Day 1 :
Basic Concepts :
    * What is a spreadsheet;
    * Excel's properties
    * Starting Excel;
    * The Excel environment;
    * Opening a workbook;
    * The different pointer shapes;
    * Understanding the Keyboard;
    * Moving around a spreadsheet;
    * The different data types;
    * The display, content, and format of a cell;
    * Data input;
    * Editing the content of a cell;
    * Erasing one or many cells;
    * Saving a workbook;
    * Setting AutoSave;
    * Sending a file by e-mail;
    * E-mailing a selected range.

Environment :
    * Managing workbooks;
    * Using drop-down menus;
    * Customizing the toolbar;
    * Using context-sensitive menus;
    * Viewing a document before printing;
    * Using zoom;
    * Using Smart Tags;
    * Using the Help features.

Editing Techniques :
    * Selecting cells;
    * Copying and moving data;
    * Filling a range with data series;
    * Undoing and redoing previous actions;
    * Finding and replacing;
    * Freezing titles.

Basic Calculations :
    * Using the AutoSum function;
    * Creating formulas;
    * Copying formulas and functions;
    * Finding errors in formulas.

Day 2 : Formulas :
    * Cell addressing;
    * Creating formulas using other functions;
    * Editing a formula;
    * Changing number formats;
    * Using the IF function;
    * Using the Date and Time functions;
    * Using the Round Function.

Spreadsheet Management :
    * Inserting columns and rows;
    * Deleting columns and rows;
    * Changing column width;
    * Changing row height;
    * Hiding columns or rows;
    * Displaying columns or rows;
    * Naming cells.

Formatting Worksheets :
    * Modifying the alignment;
    * Formatting characters;
    * Adding borders;
    * Adding patterns;
    * Using automatic formatting;
    * Conditional formatting.

Page Setup :
    * Modifying Page Setup options;
    * Inserting an image into the header and footer;
    * Working with manual page break;
    * Printing.

    * Toolbars;
    * Keyboard shortcuts.

All scheduled courses are available in both English and French on identical dates.
Prerequisites & Certificates

Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT Beginner

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
All registration cancellations made within five (5) working days of the date of the course are billable at 100%. Synesis reserves the right to cancel any public courses due to lack of sufficient participants.
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I followed the Access beginner class with them, and now I did the intermediate. Both classes were good, the only negative point is that few things were repeating between both levels. However I'm not sure if the beginner class went ahead of itself, or the intermediate really repeated information.
Reviewed by 2017
I want to make it clear that the course material I rated so low was the material for practicing once the course is over. My instructor provided great material and his teaching style was spot on. However, I am interested in practicing but the files given to us and the instructions in the book do not match and are therefore mostly useless.
Reviewed by 2017
The Instructor was excellent, kept it very interesting the whole time. Never a boring moment!!
Reviewed by 2016
Very professionally presented. The instructeur really knew his stuff.
Reviewed by 2014
The instructor knew her stuff but we worked on only one lame example. Granted time was the culprit, she could have provided or suggested more exercises to practice later on. The only way to learn a software is to practice the software by doing exercises, that part was really disappointing.
Reviewed by 2014
The course was very well outlined Teacher excellent. I would see the need to add another day.To much material to cover in 2 days. More practice needed.
Reviewed by 2013
Our instructor was fantastic. He did such a grat job and requested him for our next course.
Reviewed by 2013
It was wonderful! I highly recommended it to my co-workers and some of them are actually gonna go! Congratulations! Great experience!
Reviewed by 2013
I really enjoyed taking the Excel Beginners course. The course objective were all met and the teacher was fabulous. I was very much looking forward to taking the Excel Intermediate course as well. I was put into a class where the teacher spent almost 1 hour preparing what he would be teaching. By first break we had learned one new thing and by lunch we had learned almost nothing. I went to the receptionist who was extremely nice and very helpful. She call the director. Another girl and myself transferred out of the class. I was put into the other intermediate Excel class where I was totally lost. They had already covered a lot of the course objectives so I was basically lost from the beginning and it just kept getting worse as the day progressed. The second day I was so lost I spoke with the teacher and told her I would just sit beside another student and watch because I was holding back the whole class asking questions every 2 minutes. The teacher was very nice but it was too late because they had already learned too much the first morning that I had missed because I was enrolled in the other class. I should be refunded for my course. It was a total waste of time and completely frustrating. I paid a lot of money and the first class I was in, the teacher was more interested in speaking about his personal experiences with Excel, instead of teaching the course objectives. We didn't even receive a sheet with the course objectives. I don't think he had any. He was abrasive with other students. There were only four in the class. It was a very unpleasant experience. It was even more unpleasant to be put into another class where I was totally lost. I am not a slow person. I catch on very quickly, but I felt incompetent being put into a class where I had already missed a whole morning and as the day went on I did nothing but panic trying to keep up and understand what the teacher was doing because I had missed so much and was so far behnind.
Reviewed by 2012
The seminar is scheduled over two days with hour long lunches (that go long) and two break (morning and afternoon). With all of that free time, the course still ended quite early each day. This course could definitely be condensed into a four hour morning or afternoon.
Reviewed by 2012
I would DEFINITELY recommend this to my co-workers.
Reviewed by 2011
The classroom was cold
Reviewed by 2011

This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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