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This workshop focuses on values based conflicts in the workplace.

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This workshop focuses on values based conflicts in the workplace.



Participants who complete this workshop will:


·                     Take initiative and lead resolutions through personal accountability.

·                     Explore the five sources of conflict and their differences.

·                     Control confrontation by managing reactions.

·                     Balance assertiveness and cooperation.

·                     Employ active listening skills to create empathy and understanding.

·                     Set a Personal Action Plan.





1.       Introduction

·                     "Perspectives."  A look at the fundamental sources of conflict.

·                     "Emotionally Charged Differences."  Emotional differences, intellectual differences.  What's the difference anyway?


2.       Sources

·                     "The Porter Model."  Five sources of conflict.  What makes them different?

·                     "Values Based Conflicts."  Understanding the values in question is the first step to resolving conflict.

·                     "Demystifying Workplace Conflict During Times of Change."  Times of transition seem to invite conflict.  Watch for the clues.

·                     "4F's:  The People Wheel."  Different situations invoke different reactions in people.  How to manage confrontation.

·                     "The Gatekeeper."  Participants engage in groups of three to improvise a conflict scenario – 2 participants are in the conflict, and one is the gatekeeper.


3.       Resolutions

·                     "Thomas-Kilmann."  Examining the 5 resolution strategies, balancing assertiveness and cooperation.

·                     "Double Loop Learning."  Get to the heart of the conflict by examining not only the actions and processes, but also the assumptions.

·                     "Active Listening."  Interpret and stay open to information.  Make better and more informed decisions by hearing what others say and don’t say.

·                     " Audio Test."  A look at Word Intonation and its impact on misunderstandings.  If you are not conscious of yours and others' tone, how much of the information is lost?

·                     “Have You Really Heard it All?"  An exercise to illustrate how much information we capture and how much we miss.


4.       Closure

·                     "Opportunities Versus Challenges:  A Lifelong Journey."  Managing yourself and knowing your personal triggers to maintain your attitude.

·                     "Personal Action Plan."  Planning ahead for growth opportunities



  • Large group discussion and activities
  • Lecturettes
  • Individual work, reflection and exercises
  • Small group discussion, exercises and activities
  • Case studies / Critical incidents
  • Simulations / Role Plays / Practice



  • Front-line, Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors



  • None



  • 1 Day



  • 6 – 20


Prerequisites & Certificates


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