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To learn and practice the secrets of effective listening, join Canada’s premier listening coach for the fast-paced, fun, experiential workshop.

Course Outline
Enhance your relationships through Effective listening skills

Effective listening saves time, prevents misunderstanding and error, and reduces stress. Everything from your personal relationships, to your career results will improve once you practice the secrets of effective listening. To learn and practice the secrets of effective listening, join Canada's premier listening coach for the fast-paced, fun, experiential workshop called: What it Takes to Listen

Building results and relationships through listening I don't need to tell you that listening will help you get the best from people, build customer-focused organizations and influence those who differ with you. With effective listening you can use the diverse knowledge, wisdom, energy and enthusiasm of all the people you deal with.

Did you know that effective listening also maximizes every live conversation you have?
  • Effective listening engages you more deeply with your clients, customers, boss and colleagues.
  • Effective listening gives you vastly improved insight into the issues and challenges you face every day.
  • Effective listening even helps you maintain your energy, equilibrium and enthusiasm, at the same time as you help others.
What you will learn in this seminar: Why listening is difficult
  • human nature has "hard wired" us to make listening difficult
  • other complex mechanisms that get in the way of listening well
  • the dynamics operating between the "speaker-listener" and "listener-speaker" in any interaction
Patterns, habits and defensive reactions
  • your information preferences
  • the unique & totally individual ways we each listen & understand
  • what’s in a word, a pause & silence
The magic bullet of listening
  • the 2 most important things to track in a conversation as a listener
  • the 3 lifetime listening intentions
  • the Million Dollar Listening Mantra
  • 3 choices you always have as a listener - being proactive, active or "recovered"
Listening mastery tools
  • beyond paraphrasing
  • the 3 part "no fail" listening tool to replace ineffectual listening habits
  • the crown jewel of listening: the 4 kinds questions
You can look forward to a fast paced, interactive workshop, filled with theory bursts, experiential and awareness exercises, self-assessment tools and video clips from feature films demonstrating masterful listening.
About the trainer:

Carrol’s background includes running Management Development departments in large organizations in both the public and private sectors. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development and Adult Education, OISE, University of Toronto, and is a member of the Canadian Society for Training & Development (CSTD) and the International Listening Association.

Prerequisites & Certificates

Some pre-seminar work is required.

Certificates offered

Includes seminar materials, refreshments and lunch.

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