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this course will consist of: Advanced Database Connectivity & Linking Advanced Sectional Management concepts Cross Tabs Advanced Formulas Learn how to Sum SubReports Custom Functions Building a Report using Crystal's 'Commands'

Course Outline
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Chapter 1 - Review/Refresher of Intro Concepts

- This hour long activity reviews the most important Intro Level topics and consolidates the students knowledge in preparation for the Advanced topics

Chapter 2 - Advanced Database Connectivity & Linking, Changing the data source location for a report, refreshing the table structure, Linking & Joining
- Learn how to change the data location that a report points to, and how to refresh Crystal view of the database tables, if they're structure is modified by the database administrator

Chapter 3 - Advanced Sectional Management concepts , Part Sections, Underlay, Multi Column Reports, Form Letters & Invoices, & Conditional Suppression
- Learn how to manage and manipulate Sections in Crystal Reports at an advanced level to conditionally show items, or produce Multi Column style reports

Chapter 4 - Advanced Select Expert
- Learn how to manually create formulas to gain more control of your filtering beyond what the Select Expert Tool offers
- Learn how to use Group Selection to exercise more control over your report content
- Do Group Selection and Record Selection
- Learn how to use the Menu Bar Selection tool for more powerful capabilities than the Select Expert

Chapter 5 - Advanced Grouping Concepts
- Learn how to create Specified Order Groups and Custom Group names

Chapter 6 - Parameters, How to create Parameters so the user can change report content at run time
- Learn how to create and implement Crystal's Parameter features to allow users to dynamically change report content such as date ranges, numeric calculations, dynamic grouping and sorting etc.
- Parameters allow users at run time to make choices which will change the report content without requiring design changes to the report
- Learn how to password protect content of your report

Chapter 7 - Cross Tabs
- Learn how to use 2 dimensional Cross Tabs to present information comparatively in a table like presentation. Cross Tabs are also commonly called Pivot Tables

Chapter 8 - Advanced Formulas, Multi Pass concepts, Variables, Summarization Mechanism, Arrays, Looping, Nested if then else, Select Case
- Learn how to take Crystal formula tool to the next level by taking command of Crystal's built in timing features and understanding and using Multi pass reporting
- Learn how to create and use Variables in order to store information for reuse in other formulas
- Learn how to use looping as an alternative technique to store information to make your formula code more efficient
- Learn how to use Looping to add more capabilities and functionality to your formulas
- Learn how to Sum - Sums

Chapter 9 - SubReports, Using Subreports to solve issues with databases and to produce reports that functionally can?t be done in a single report
- Learn how to use Sub Reports to help solve problems when the information stored in the database tables is not conducive to building a report
- Learn about Unlinked SubReports
- Learn about Linked SubReports
- Learn about On Demand SubReports
- Learn how to use SubReports as a workaround when you can't link tables
- Learn how to pass data between the Main and SubReports

Chapter 10  Custom Functions
- How to create a basic custom function in Crystal?s Formula Workshop

Chapter 11 - Building a Report using Crystal's 'Commands'
- How to manually use SQL to create a report using a Crystal 'Command'
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Full refund or credit up to first break on day of the course. Learning is guaranteed and students can re-take as many times as needed within 6 months for $50 re-booking fee.
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