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In this 2 day course, you'll work with InDesign CS3 tools and features to create eye-catching printed documents using InDesign CS3.

Course Outline
About the Course     

In this 2 day course, you'll work with InDesign CS3 tools and features to create eye-catching printed documents using InDesign CS3.
Day 1 focuses on the basic features of InDesign to help create simple documents.
Day 2 deploys more advanced InDesign techniques that will assist you in creating larger printed documents.

This course is intended for graphic designers, creative professionals, print professionals, publishers, pre-press professionals, and marketing communications professionals.


Lesson 1: Managing the InDesign Environment
Exploring the InDesign Environment
Customize the Workspace
Set General and Interface Preferences

Lesson 2: Designing Documents
Create a New Document
Add Text and Graphics
Edit Text
Thread Text Frames
Convert Other Application Files to InDesign

Lesson 3: Enhancing documents
Apply Colours and Swatches
Apply Fills, Gradients, and Strokes
Format Characters and Paragraphs
Create and Apply Styles
Search and Replace Text and Characters
Develop Layers
Apply transparency and Transparency Flattener Presets

Lesson 4: Adding Tables
Create a Table
Modify a Table Structure
Format a Table
Create Table and Cell Styles

Lesson 5: Finalizing documents
Check Documents for Problems
Print a Document
Package Files
Prepare PDF Files for Web Distribution
Export PDF Files for Printing


Lesson 1: Managing Styles
Manage Style Overrides
Base One Style on Another
Apply Styles in a Sequence
Import Styles from a Microsoft Word Document
Redefine Styles

Lesson 2: Developing complex Paths
Create Bezier Paths Create Compound Paths
Create Clipping Paths
Create Type Outlines

Lesson 3: Handling Page Elements
Place Inline graphics
Manipulate Graphics
Handle Text Layout
Create Duplicate Items
Create Anchored Objects
Manage Libraries

Lesson 4: Administrering External Files
Locate Assets Using Adobe Bridge
Merge Data
Import Layered Files
Export PDF Files
Export XHMTML Files

Lesson 5: Working with XML
Integrate XML into a Document
Import XML
Export Documents as XML Files
Create a Snippet

Lesson 6: Managing Long Documents
Create Hyperlinks
Insert footnotes
Insert Text VAriables
Create the Table of Contents
Generate an Index
Create Document Sections
Create a Book

Lesson 7: Adjusting Print Settings
Create Print Presets
Preview Print Output
DATA files for this course are on the CD at the back of the manual      
Prerequisites & Certificates

Prerequisites: Before taking this course, the student must be familiar with basic PC skills, including a basic understanding of a computer's operating system, how to launch an application and create and save files, as well as how to copy files from CDs and other media.

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

Cancellation Policy
Full refund or credit up to first break on day of the course. Learning is guaranteed and students can re-take as many times as needed within 6 months for $50 re-booking fee.
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