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You will create and edit basic formulas in Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 worksheets and workbooks as well as learn basic formula's & functions, adding/deleting columns, adjusting heights & widths, learn about absolute references, formatting, templates..

Course Outline
Course Objective:
You will create and edit basic formulas in Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 worksheets and workbooks as well as learn basic formula's and functions, adding/deleting columns, adjusting heights and widths, learn about absolute references, formatting, templates and much more.

Target Student:
This course is designed for people who are new to Excel or not familiar with formulas and functions.

Delivery Method:
Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explore the Excel 2007 environment.
  • create a basic worksheet.
  • modify a worksheet.
  • perform calculations.
  • format a worksheet.
  • develop a workbook.
  • print workbook contents.
  • customize the layout of the Excel application window.
Course Content
Lesson 1: The Fundamentals

  • Explore the Ribbon
  • Obtain Help
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Lesson 2: Worksheet Basics
  • Creating and Opening a Workbook
  • Navigating in a Worksheet
  • Select and Enter Data
  • Performing Calculations
  • nderstanding Absolute and Relative Cell References
  • Using Autofill
  • Using Undo and Redo
  • Saving, Previewing and Printing a Workbook
Lesson 3: Editing a Worksheet
  • Editing Cell Data
  • Cutting, Copying and Pasting Cell Data
  • Using the Paste Special Command
  • Spell Check a Worksheet
  • Insert and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows
  • Using Find and Replace Commands
  • Using Comment
  • Track Changes
Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet
  • Formatting Labels and Values
  • Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
  • Working with Cell Alignment
  • Adding Borders, Background Colours and Patterns
  • Using Format Painter
  • Using Cell Styles and Document Themes
  • Applying Conditional Formatting
  • Find and Replace Formatting
Lesson 5: Managing Workbooks
  • Viewing a Workbook
  • Working with the Workbook Window
  • Splitting and Freezing a Workbook Window
  • Selecting Worksheets
  • Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
  • Renaming, Moving and Copying Worksheets
  • Working with Multiple Workbooks
  • Hiding Rows, Columns, Worksheets and Windows
  • Protecting a Workbook, Worksheet and Worksheet Elements
  • Sharing a Workbook
  • Creating a Template
Lesson 6: Working with Page Layout and Printing
  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Set Page Breaks
  • Adjusting Margins and Orientation
  • Adjusting Size and Scale
  • Adding Print Titles, Gridlines and Headings
  • Advanced Printing Options

Prerequisites & Certificates

To ensure your success, we recommend that you know how to use a mouse comfortably as well as understand Windows Explorer. If you are not familiar with this, then we suggest that you take an Introduction to Computers.

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy & Satisfaction Guarantee
You may cancel or reschedule your registration without penalty up to 5 business days before your class date.

Training Details
ASAP Training Ltd. is located at 950 - 167 Lombard Avenue, in Exchange District. A training manual is provided. We encourage all students to bring in a USB stick for student files as we no longer hand out course files on a CD.

Finding Us
ASAP Training Ltd. is located in the picturesque downtown Exchange District at 950-167 Lombard Avenue, in the Grain Exchange Building, you can access the building from Rorie Street and Lombard Avenue.

Class Times and Other Details
ASAP Training Ltd. classes begin promptly at 8:30 am and end around 4:00 pm. Our doors open at 8:00 am. Coffee and tea are provided for students. We have a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator available for student use if they wish to bring their own lunch. Lunch break is one hour from approximately 11:30 to 12:30. A telephone and sitting area are available for student use. Our office is a non-smoking facility and is wheelchair accessible.

There are many restaurants available within walking distance of the school.

For your convenience, we have also provided a map of the available Parking Lots in proximity to the Grain Exchange Building, indoor and outdoor parking.
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I found this course to be extremely helpful. Our instructor, Susan was very knowledgeable and really took the time to make sure everyone was keeping up and was able to follow along. I hope to take the refresher with her. Love that there is a complimentary refresher with each course!
Reviewed by 2017
I was very satisfied with the class. Instructor was very informed, and very helpful to the class with any question's.
Reviewed by 2013

This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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