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Deliver your message in such a way as to insure your audience has received the message as you intended. Dale Carnegie was quoted as saying,“To get people to be interested, you must first be interesting”.This workshop is designed to help you do just that.

Course Outline
If you where to ask a majority of people if they would rather speak in front of a room full of people or have dental surgery; they would most likely choose the dentist. Results of a recent survey suggested that people fear public speaking more than they fear their own death. Developing solid speaking skills and learning how to deliver a presentation with confidence will help increase your career potential and improve your personal and professional life.

Delivering an effective presentation is more than just being able to say the words. We live in a very visual world. Studies have concluded that we communicate ninety-three percent of the time, not by the words we say, but by how we say them; both by the inflection in our voice, and by our body language. To be an effective communicator and presenter you need to have the ability to hold your audience.

You need to deliver your message in such a way as to insure your audience has received the message as you intended. Dale Carnegie was quoted as saying, “To get people to be interested, you must first be interesting”. This workshop has been designed to help you do just that.

“The DiSC evaluation was enlightening and the concept of tailoring your presentations to their type and not mine ensures your audience is going to get it. How to set the agenda was most useful to me.”
~Bruce Norwalk, Nortel Networks

Who Should Attend Do you want to become a top sales performer and consistently outsell your competition? Are you in a management position and would like the ability to communicate more effectively with your peers and senior management? Are you a project manager, supervisor, or team leader, and need to present an overview of your next major assignment?

Both experienced and new professionals will learn from industry veterans and from each other, in order to build solid presentation skills or enhance those you already have. Participants will gain valuable, constructive, and personalized advice, which will assist them to become more dynamic presenters.
Learning Objectives: 
  • Learn how to identify different audience behavioural types.
  • Learn how to position your company and or your product sales message.
  • Learn how to set your presentation agenda and solicit audience feedback.
  • Learn how to use the available space and work the room.
  • Learn how to use interactive audience hooks to enhance your presentation.
  • Learn the importance of body language and how to project a confident image.
Workshop Agenda: 
  • You Are The Message.
  • Dispelling The Myths.
  • Effective Communication is a Two-Way Street.
  • Seven Key Steps to a Dynamic Presentation.
Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Includes workbook, handouts and DISC Profile

Cancellation Policy
100% refund if participants cancel 2-weeks in advance of the workshop. Cancellations less than 2-weeks before receive a credit to attend another scheduled workshop of their choosing.
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