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This workshop helps Customer Service Representatives isolate customer needs and take ownership for their satisfaction. Who Should Attend: Front-line, Customer Service Representatives, Customer Service Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

Course Outline
This workshop helps Customer Service Representatives isolate customer needs and take ownership for their satisfaction.
Learning Objectives Participants who complete this workshop will:
  • Acknowledge the skills we each bring to our customers.
  • Learn the difference between customer Service and customer Satisfaction.
  • Improve performance by identifying and overcoming the causes that block satisfaction.
  • Build strong customer foundations by listening and interpreting to what they say and don't say.
  • Create opportunities for you and your customers by understanding their needs and perceptions.
  • Compare ideas and strategies from other CSR colleagues.
Who Should Attend: Front-line, Customer Service Representatives, Customer Service Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors Course Outline  

1.       Introduction

"Opening Remarks."  The need for self-awareness and discovering and acknowledging the skills we already have.  May follow with a comment from the sponsor.

Icebreaker Exercise:

"Demonstration of Skills."  In this exercise, participants are asked to work in pairs, explaining how their unique skills are demonstrated in the workplace.


2.       Behavior Modelling

"The Model CSR."  In table groups, participants discuss the characteristics of an ideal CSR.  A large group debrief will follow, isolating the difference between "skills" and "behaviours".               

"Customer Service Versus Customer Satisfaction."  Explore and define the difference between the two.  Are you providing service or satisfaction?

Is this easy?  Why?  Why Not?

Obstacles to Satisfaction.

"Perceptions:  Do We All See the Same Thing?"  Participants are asked to discuss their customers and their expectations.  How do we know when we have clearly understood their needs and perceptions?


3.       Case Studies

Three cases will be explored from the participant questionnaires.  Topics to consider building cases around are:

·         Last Minute Requests

·         Communicating Bad News

·         Internal Customer Service

·         Delighting the Customer

4.       Business Simulation

Participants will have the opportunity to deeply explore how to handle challenging customer issues in a large group customer simulation.  Participants will be able to consider different options when a customer is unsatisfied with any solution or suggestion.


5.       Building Relationships     

"Personality Profile."  Identify yours and others' personality types.  Learn the tools to deal with the information, despite the manner in which the information was delivered.  Achieve success with other personality types (customers and co-workers).

"Agree, Disagree, Don’t Know."  This exercise asks participants to take a "stand" on various customer beliefs.
"Taking the Curt Out of Courtesy."   Tips and techniques when answering calls.

Phrases that calm customers

Asking clarifying questions

Use examples from participant questionnaires

"Rewording Negative Statements."  Participants are given a series of statements to consider and reword.

"Forbidden Phrases."  Focuses on commonly misused phrases and the taboos of problem solving over the telephone.


6.       Listening

"Active Listening."  Stay in the moment with the speaker.  Develop the skill of empathy by moving through the levels of listening.
"Audio Test."  A look at Word Intonation and its impact on communication.  If you are not conscious of yours and others' tone, how much of the information is lost?
"Have You Really Heard it All?"  Interpret and stay open to information.  Make better and more informed decisions by hearing what others say and don’t say.

7.       Review & Recap

"Q&A."  Participants have an opportunity to review, clarify and discuss customer service situations and how they reflected the Day 1 material.

"Personal Contribution Statement."  Participants are asked to review and reflect on their statements and how they were able to make a focused contribution to their customers and departments over the previous week.  What outcome did they see?  Was it the outcome they were hoping?


8.       Closure

"Personal Contribution Statement."  What contribution do you want to make to your customers and your department this week?  What outcome would you like with your customers?

"Personal Action Plan."  Planning ahead for growth and applied learning opportunities.
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