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This course provides competency in creating running totals, adding sub reports, cross-tabs, creating charts, report speed, dictionaries and reporting Excel data.

Course Outline
Unit 1 :  Introduction to Crystal Reports
Topic A:   Getting started
  • A-1:Discussing the features of Crystal Reports
  • A-2:Opening a report
  • A-3:Examining the environment
  • A-4:Examining the Design tab
Topic B:   Creating reports
  • B-1:Selecting a blank report document
  • B-2:Selecting a data source by using Database Expert
  • B-3:Adding fields by using Field Explorer
  • B-4:Adding a report title
Topic C:   Storing reports
  • C-1:Saving a report
Topic D:   Modifying reports
  • D-1:Sizing fields
  • D-2:Arranging a field
  • D-3:Aligning fields
  • D-4:Modifying text objects
Topic E:   Using Help
  • E-1:Using the Help feature
  • E-2:Using the Search tab

Unit 2 :  Organizing records

Topic A:   Sorting
  • A-1:Sorting records
Topic B:   Record selection
  • B-1:Selecting records based on a single criterion
  • B-2:Deleting a record selection formula
  • B-3:Selecting records based on multiple criteria
Topic C:   Grouping
  • C-1:Creating a group
  • C-2:Showing groups in a specified order
Topic D:   Summarizing
  • D-1:Inserting a subtotal
  • D-2:Inserting a grand total
  • D-3:Summarizing group information
  • D-4:Showing the Top N groups of records

Unit 3 :  Formulas and functions

Topic A:   Formula basics
  • A-1:Discussing formula components
  • A-2:Creating a formula
Topic B:   Modifying formulas
  • B-1:Editing a formula
  • B-2:Renaming a formula
  • B-3:Deleting a formula
Topic C:   Functions
  • C-1:Using a date function to return the current date
  • C-2:Using a string function to convert text to uppercase
  • C-3:Using a math function to round data
Topic D:  Crystal Repository
  • D-1:Adding an item to the Crystal Repository
  • D-2:Using a Crystal Repository item in a report
  • D-3:Modifying an item in the Crystal Repository
  • D-4:Deleting an item from the Crystal Repository

Unit 4 :  Formatting
Topic A:   Absolute formatting
  • A-1:Formatting a field
  • A-2:Adding lines and boxes
  • A-3:Adding shapes
Topic B:   Conditional formatting
  • B-1:Creating conditional formats
  • B-2:Using a formula to change a font conditionally

Unit 5 :  Wizards

Topic A:   The Database Expert
  • A-1:Adding a field from a second table
Topic B:   Report wizards
  • B-1:Using the Standard Report Creation Wizard
  • B-2:Creating mailing labels
Topic C:   Cross-tab reports
  • C-1:Creating a cross-tab report
  • C-2:Formatting a cross-tab report

Unit 6 :  Distributing reports
Topic A:   Exporting reports
  • A-1:Exporting a report to Microsoft Excel
  • A-2:Exporting a report to HTML 4.
  • A-3:Exporting a report to XML
  • A-4:Exporting a report to an Access database
  • A-5: Creating a report definition
Topic B:   Delivering reports
  • B-1: Printing a report
  • B-2: Mailing a report
Advanced Topics

Unit 1 :  Complex reports

Topic A: 0  Parameter fields
  • A-1:Creating a parameter field
  • A-2:Applying an edit mask to a parameter field
  • A-3:Using a pick list in a parameter field
Topic B: 0  Subreports
  • B-1:Creating an unlinked subreport
  • B-2:Creating a linked subreport

Unit 2 :  Formatting complex reports

Topic A: 0  The Section Expert
  • A-1:Adding new sections
  • A-2:Suppressing a blank section
  • A-3:Merging report sections
  • A-4:Deleting a section
  • A-5:Displaying each record on a separate page
Topic B: 0  Objects
  • B-1:Adding a hyperlink
  • B-2:Adding a linked OLE object

Unit 3 :  Advanced formulas and functions

Topic A: 0  Variables
  • A-1:Declaring and using a variable in a formula
  • A-2:Using an array variable in a formula
  • A-3:Using a range variable in a formula

Topic B: 0  Advanced functions
  • B-1:Creating a formula by using multiple functions
  • B-2:Using the EvaluateAfter function

Topic C: 0  Constructs
  • C-1:Using a For construct
  • C-2:Using a While construct
Topic D: 0  Running totals
  • D-1:Creating a running total
  • D-2:Modifying a running total

Unit 4 :  Advanced data access techniques

Topic A: 0  Dictionaries
  • A-1:Creating a dictionary
  • A-2:Using a dictionary to create a report
  • A-3:Modifying a dictionary

Topic B: 0  ODBC data sources
  • B-1:Discussing ODBC data sources
  • B-2:Creating a report by using an ODBC data source

Topic C: 0  Crystal SQL Designer
  • C-1:Using SQL syntax to retrieve report data
  • C-2:Using the SQL Expert to create a SQL statement
  • C-3:Creating a report based on a query

Topic D: 0  Report alerts
  • D-1:Creating a report alert
  • D-2:Modifying a report alert
  • D-3:Deleting a report alert

Unit 5 :  Charts and maps

Topic A: 0  Working with charts
  • A-1:Creating a chart
  • A-2:Modifying a chart
Topic B: 0  Working with maps
  • B-1: Using the Map Expert to create a map
  • B-2: Customizing a map

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

All program fees include a manual on CD complete with self study lessons. Course manuals can be purchased for an additional fee and are dependent on subject and level. The manual fee is a passed through cost to our clients.
Upon completion of the each program each participant will receive a certificate of completion.
Parking is available for our students at the rear of the building.Please, donít park in the reserved parking spaces around the building, your car will be tagged and/or towed away.
Our courses run between 9:00AM Ė 4:00PM. There are two 15 minutes coffee breaks: one at 10:30AM and the other are at 2:30PM. The lunch break is between 12:00AM and 1:00PM.
Coffee and suitable drinks are provided by us during the course. There are numerous restaurants and take-out places in the area, or you may prefer to bring your own lunch and enjoy it on site. Microwave and fridge available.

Cancellation Policy
Commitment of resources and industry standards require that we be notified of any cancellation. As such, you may reschedule any training course up to five (5) working days before the actual training date. Simply call us, and we send you a new registration confirmation without extra charge. If training is rescheduled less than five (5) working days before the training date, a rescheduling fee of 50% of the course fee will be invoiced.

The latest time we accept rescheduling is until noon on the working day before
the training date. "No-shows" without prior notification are charged as if you had attended the course. There are no refunds. We reserve the right to cancel any course and reschedule if attendance is not sufficient to run the course. In this case you will be notified, usually five (5) working days or more prior to the
training day and the training is rescheduled.

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