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Topics included in this 1 day course : Introduction to databases, designing from scratch, database relationships and theory, getting started with Access, tables, forms, queries and reports.

Course Outline

Make more informed decisions by effectively tracking, reporting, and sharing information with Microsoft Access.

  • Be familiar with the various objects in Access
  • Explain the difference between flat file and relational databases
  • Create a table design for a relational database
  • Establish relationships between tables
  • Work in and edit tables
  • Design Forms using Form Wizard
  • Design basic queries
  • Design basic reports

Section 1 - Introduction to Databases

  • What is a Database
  • What can I do with a Database?
  • The six components of an Access Database
  • How is all of this possible?
  • Concepts and Terminology

Section 2 - Designing from Scratch

  • Deciding what to track - The first step in Design

Section 3 - Database Relationships and Theory

  • Flat File Databases
  • Relational Databases
  • The Primary Key
  • Types of relationships
  • Grouping fields into tables

Section 4 - Getting Started with Access

  • The Application Window
  • The Database Window

Section 5 - Tables

  • Creating a Table - Fields and Datatypes
  • Field Properties Adding and Deleting Fields
  • Working in a Table Adding and editing records
  • Navigating a Table
  • Creating relationships between tables

Section 6 - Forms

  • What is a Form?
  • Creating Forms with Form Wizard
  • Using and Editing an Existing Data Form

Section 7 - Queries

  • What is a Query?
  • Designing a Query
  • Relational Operators
  • Wildcard Characters

Section 8 - Reports

  • What is a Report?
  • Creating Reports with Report Wizard
  • Reports Based on Queries

Prerequisites & Certificates

A thorough understanding of the Windows operating environment Strong mouse and keyboard ability

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Should you postpone or cancel your course you must give 5 business days notice.
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I wondered why Access 2003 instead of 2010. I should have checked that before I took it. Anyway the course was great and I learned a lot and the Instructor was so nice and kind, I enjoyed his class.
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