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Explore the dynamics of teams and their members in this high energy workshop.

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Explore the dynamics of teams and their members in this high energy workshop. 



Participants who complete this workshop will:


·          Learn the nature of a team and its purpose.

·          Define the team\'s mission and objectives, while identifying procedures that support the team\'s goal.

·          Work with others from different disciplines to build mutual esteem and trust.

·          Explore clarity and problem solving tools including, Goal Setting, Collaboration, and Consensus.

·          Discover how to perform inside a team, using personal power and integrity.




1.       Introduction

·                     "The Paradigm of Cross Functional Teams."  Building individual leadership from a collective vision.

·                     Icebreaker:  "Didn\'t You Bring the Compass?" A humorous illustration of team purpose.


2.       Principles

·                     "Evolution of Group Development."  Five stages of sequential team development, using the Tuckman Model.

·                     "Defining your Team’s Purpose - A 3 Step Process."  Does your team have a goal? What is the fundamental reason or aim of your team?

·                     "The Ground Rules for Highly Effective Teams."  Rules that encourage team members to identify procedures for getting work done and agreeing on ways to help each other be right, not wrong.  An essential exercise to build esteem and trust.


3.       Team Performance

·                     "Goal Setting, Goal Getting."  Building a Results Driven Structure by evaluating current team results.  If the structure is not producing the desired results, is there congruence with your mission statement or goals?

·                     "Making Decisions in a Team."  Influencing Collaborative outcomes, using Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Strategies.


4.       Personal Performance

·                     "Survey of Style."  Explore yours and others\' style and what gifts and strengths you each bring to the team!  Discuss the roles of each team member.

·                     "Pebbles."  Vertical versus Lateral problem solving scenario and the benefits of different styles.

·                     "Being the Best Cog."  Create breakthrough opportunities by performing inside your team, using personal power and integrity.

·                     "Making Personal Decisions and Choices."  Knowing what your principles are.  What do you want?  Do you know?


5.       Closure

·                     "Unstoppable Performance."  The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts! Building trust and creating mutual desire for success, through Inspiration, Innovation and Integrity. 




  • Large group discussion and activities
  • Lecturettes
  • Individual work, reflection and exercises
  • Small group discussion, exercises and activities
  • Case studies / Critical incidents
  • Simulations / Role Plays / Practice



  • Front-line, Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors


  • Completed pre-assignment



  • 1 Day



  • 6 – 20


Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

All program fees include a manual on CD complete with self study lessons. Course manuals can be purchased for an additional fee and are dependent on subject and level. The manual fee is a passed through cost to our clients.
Upon completion of the each program each participant will receive a certificate of completion.
Parking is available for our students at the rear of the building.Please, donít park in the reserved parking spaces around the building, your car will be tagged and/or towed away.
Our courses run between 9:00AM Ė 4:00PM. There are two 15 minutes coffee breaks: one at 10:30AM and the other are at 2:30PM. The lunch break is between 12:00AM and 1:00PM.
Coffee and suitable drinks are provided by us during the course. There are numerous restaurants and take-out places in the area, or you may prefer to bring your own lunch and enjoy it on site. Microwave and fridge available.

Cancellation Policy
Commitment of resources and industry standards require that we be notified of any cancellation. As such, you may reschedule any training course up to five (5) working days before the actual training date. Simply call us, and we send you a new registration confirmation without extra charge. If training is rescheduled less than five (5) working days before the training date, a rescheduling fee of 50% of the course fee will be invoiced.

The latest time we accept rescheduling is until noon on the working day before
the training date. "No-shows" without prior notification are charged as if you had attended the course. There are no refunds. We reserve the right to cancel any course and reschedule if attendance is not sufficient to run the course. In this case you will be notified, usually five (5) working days or more prior to the
training day and the training is rescheduled.

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