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This course provides web designers with the knowledge & hands-on practice they need to build & manage professional websites using Dreamweaver CS5. Whether you create websites for a living or plan to create one for your own business this course is for you

Course Outline
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Website Development provides web designers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build and manage professional websites using Dreamweaver CS5. Whether you create websites for a living or plan to create one for your own business, this course will teach you on all the tools you need to get professional quality results using Dreamweaver CS5.

Audience This course is for people new to web design and development and want to use Dreamweaver CS5 to build intuitive, attractive and accessible websites.

Course Outline Module 1: Customizing your Workspace
  • Touring the workspace
  • Switching and splitting views
  • Working with panels
  • Selecting a workspace layout
  • Adjusting toolbars
  • Personalizing preferences
  • Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Using the Property Inspector
Module 2: HTML Basics
  • What is HTML?
  • Where did HTML begin?
  • Writing your own HTML code
  • Frequently used HTML 4 codse
  • Where is HTML going?
Module 3: CSS Basics
  • What is CSS?
  • HTML vs. CSS formatting
  • CSS box model
  • HTML defaults
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting objects
  • Multiples, classes, and IDs, oh my!
Module 4: Getting a Quick Start
  • Defining a Dreamweaver site
  • Using the Welcome screen
  • Selecting a CSS layout
  • Saving a page
  • Modifying the page title
  • Changing headings
  • Inserting text
  • Inserting images
  • Selecting and modifying CSS styles
  • Adjusting text, fonts, colors and sizes
  • Using the property inspector
  • Previewing a page in Live view
  • Previewing pages in a browser
Module 5: Creating a Page Layout
  • Web design basics
  • Working with thumbnails and wireframes
  • Previewing a completed file
  • Modifying an existing CSS layout
  • Adding a background image to the header
  • Inserting new <div> components
  • Modifying the page width and background color
  • Modifying existing content and formatting
  • Insert an image placeholder
  • Insert placeholder text
  • Modifying the footer
  • Checking browser compatibility
Module 6: Working with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Previewing a completed file
  • Working with CSS styles panel
  • Creating new CSS rules
  • Creating an interactive menu
  • Modifying hyperlink behavior
  • Creating faux columns
  • Moving rules to an external style sheet
  • Creating style sheets for other media types
Module 7: Working with templates
  • Previewing completed files
  • Creating a template from an existing layout
  • Inserting editable regions
  • Producing child pages
  • Updating a template
  • Using Library items
  • Using server-side includes
Module 8: Working with Text, Lists, and Tables
  • Previewing a completed file
  • Importing text
  • Creating headings
  • Creating list
  • Creating text indents
  • Creating and styling tables
  • Spell checking web pages
  • Finding and replacing text
Module 9: Working with Images
  • Reviewing web image basics
  • Previewing the completed file
  • Inserting an image
  • Adjusting image positions with CSS Classes
  • Working with the Insert panel
  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • Inserting incompatible file types
  • Working with Photoshop Smart Objects
  • Copying and pasting images from Fireworks and Photoshop
  • Inserting images by drag and drop
  • Optimizing images with the Property inspector
Module 10: Working with Navigation
  • Hyperlink basics
  • Previewing your completed file
  • Creating internal hyperlinks
  • Creating an image-based link
  • Creating an external link
  • Setting up email links
  • Targeting page elements
  • Inserting Spry Menu Bars
  • Inserting Spry menus as Library items
  • Checking your page
Module 11: Adding Interactivity
  • Learning about Dreamweaver behaviors
  • Previewing a completed file
  • Working with Dreamweaver behaviors
  • Working with Spry Accordion widgets
Module 12: Working with Flash
  • Understanding Flash
  • Previewing a completed file
  • Adding a Flash animation to a page
  • Adding an FLV file to a page
Module 13: Working with Forms
  • Previewing a completed file
  • Learning about forms
  • Adding a form to the page
  • Inserting text from elements
  • Inserting check boxes
  • Creating radio buttons
  • Working with lists
  • Adding a submit button
  • Specifying a from action
  • Emailing form data
  • Styling forms
Module 14: Working with Online Data
  • Working with Dynamic content
  • Previewing the completed file
  • Using HTML and XML data
  • Choosing a server model
  • Configuring a local web server
  • Setting up a testing server
  • Building database applications
Module 15: Building Dynamic Pages with Data
  • Building pages with ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP
  • Crating a master/detail page set
  • Creating a detail page
Module 16: Working with Code
  • Code tools overview
  • Selecting code
  • Collapsing code
  • Expanding code
  • Adding new code
  • Using Code Navigator
  • Accessing Live Code
  • Using Inspect mode
  • Working in related files
  • Accessing Split Code view
  • Commenting your code
Module 17: Publishing to the Web
  • Defining a remote site
  • Cloaking folders and files
  • Wrapping things up
  • Putting your site online
  • Synchronizing local and remote sites

Prerequisites & Certificates

You should have a working knowledge of computer, the operating system, how to use the mouse, standard menus and commands, and also how to open, save and close files.

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation/reschedule policy requires notification at least 10 business days before the class start date for a full refund. Please note that you are responsible for notifying NTG of your inability to attend class or you will be invoiced for the full payment.

Should you need to cancel in less than 10 business days before the start of the class, you will be given a 100% credit towards a future class that must be taken within 6 months of the start of the original class. If you are not able to reschedule to a future class, you will be charged 50% of the upfront registration fee.

Classes are subject to cancellation by NTG up to two weeks prior to the class date. It is important to keep this in mind before you purchase a non-refundable airline ticket.

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The instructor was great and followed the curriculum as per Adobe's book but Dreamweaver is a beast of a software with a high learning curve. I found that this course just scratched the surface and taught me the basics and that I would need more practice and learning to create a simple website with ease. This is not a criticism of the course really but I felt I would personally benefit from a slightly slower pace and an extra day. I didn't know that at the time as I seemed to follow the instructor's instructions well and it seemed to make sense in the classroom but once I got home I felt a little stuck!
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