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This course provides training on Acrobat 9 fundamentals as well as selected intermediate & advanced topics required for solid base level proficiency with Acrobat software.Includes extensive instruction on the creation of forms with LiveCycle Designer 8.0

Course Outline
Adobe® Acrobat® Professional software enables business, creative, and engineering professionals who work with graphically complex documents to improve the reliability and efficiency of business-critical document exchange. Acrobat 9 offers you faster file conversion and better control of your workflow – sharing documents has never been easier, more secure, or more flexible.

This course provides training on core Acrobat 8 fundamentals as well as selected intermediate and advanced topics required for solid base level proficiency with Acrobat software. This course also provides extensive instruction on the creation of forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0.

Regardless of your industry, everyone can benefit from this informative and exciting class. Individuals who will be preparing forms for intranet or internet use will find lots of useful tips to get the most out of Acrobat. New features will be discussed in great detail and hands-on exercises will give students the ability to see the many features of Acrobat in action.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 - Introducing Adobe Acrobat

  • About Adobe PDF
  • About Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe PDF on the web
  • Getting started with Adobe Acrobat window
  • A first look at the work area
  • Viewing PDF presentations in Full Screen mode
  • Designing documents for online viewing
  • Using Organizer
  • Getting help
Lesson 2 – Looking at the Work Area
  • Opening a PDF file in the work area
  • Working with Acrobat task buttons
  • Working with the navigation pane
Lesson 3 – Creating Adobe PDF Files
  • About creating Adobe PDF files
  • Using the Create PDF command
  • Converting and combining different types of files
  • Using Print command to create Adobe PDF files
  • About the Adobe PDF Settings (presets)
  • Comparing the default Adobe PDF files
  • About compression and resampling
  • Exploring on your own: Dragging and dropping files
  • Exploring on your own: Creating Adobe PDF from the context menu (Windows)
  • Exploring on your own: Creating Adobe PDF from clipboard images
Lesson 4w – Creating Adobe PDF from Microsoft Office Files (Windows)
  • About PDFMaker
  • About Acrobat Connect
  • Converting Microsoft Word files to Adobe PDF
  • Converting and emailing a PowerPoint presentations
  • Converting Excel documents and starting a review
  • Converting and attaching files in Microsoft Outlook
  • Converting web pages from Internet Explorer
  • Exploring on your own: Exporting tables from PDF files
  • Exploring on your own: Converting and combining multiple Office files
Lesson 4m – Creating Adobe PDF from Microsoft Office Files (MAC OS)
  • About PDFmaker
  • Converting Microsoft Word files to Adobe PDF
  • Converting and emailing PowerPoint presentations
  • Tips on converting Excel files
Lesson 5 – Combining Files in PDF Packagers
  • About PDF packages
  • Getting started
  • Collecting PDF files in a package
  • Navigating your PDF package
  • Making changes to PDF packages
  • Sorting PDF files in PDF packages
  • Searching PDF packages
  • Printing PDF packages
Lesson 6 - Creating Adobe PDF from Web pages
  • Converting Web pages to Adobe PDF
  • Connecting to the Web
  • Setting options for converting web pages
  • Creating Adobe PDF files from web pages
  • Updating converted web pages
  • Converting Web pages in Internet Explorer (Windows)
Lesson 7 – Converting Email Files to Adobe PDF (Windows)
  • Getting started
  • Converting email messages to Adobe PDF
  • Sorting converted emails
  • Adding email messages to PDF packages
  • Printing emails
  • Migrating PDF archives to PDF packages (Outlook)
  • Setting up automatic archiving in Outlook
Lesson 8 – Working with PDF Files
  • Changing the opening view
  • About the onscreen display
  • Reading PDF documents
  • Following links
  • Searching PDF documents
  • Printing PDF documents
  • Filling out PDF forms
  • Comparing documents
  • Using the Acrobat accessibility features
Lesson 9 – Editing PDF documents
  • Opening and examining the work file
  • Moving pages with page thumbnails
  • Editing Adobe PDF pages
  • Editing links
  • Inserting one PDF file into another PDF file
  • Looking at bookmarks
  • Deleting a page
  • Renumbering pages
  • Setting an opening view
Lesson 10 – More about Editing
  • About this lesson
  • Viewing the work file
  • Looking at articles
  • Editing text
  • Copying text and images from a PDF file
  • Editing images using the TouchUp Object tool
  • Converting PDF pages to image format files
  • Reducing the file size
  • Exploring on your own: Optimizing for page-at-a-time downloading
Lesson 11 – Using Acrobat in a Review Cycle
  • About the review process
  • Opening the work file
  • Working with comments
  • Exporting and importing comments
  • Marking up documents
  • Summarizing comments
  • Comparing two Adobe PDF documents
  • Spell checking comments
  • Printing documents with comments
  • Inviting users of Adobe Reader to participate in reviews
  • Exploring on your own: Setting up email-based reviews
  • Exploring on your own: Custom stamps
Lesson 12 – Adding Signatures and Security
  • Getting started
  • About digital signatures
  • Creating digital signatures
  • Adding images to your digital signatures
  • Selecting a signing method
  • Opening the work file
  • Crating digital IDs
  • Signing the advertisement
  • Modifying signed documents
  • About security
  • Looking at security settings
  • Adding security to PDF files
  • Adding passwords
  • Opening password-protected files
  • Certifying PDF files
  • Signing certified documents
  • Exploring on your own: Using security envelopes
Lesson 13 – Creating Multimedia Presentations
  • Getting started
  • Adding interactive animations
  • Adding Show/Hid fields
  • Controlling movie clips with buttons
  • Adding navigational buttons
  • Adding sound files and adding multiple actions to one button
  • Creating page actions to control multimedia clips
  • Opening movie clips in floating windows
  • Creating full screen presentations with transitions
Lesson 14 – Using the Engineering and Technical Features
  • Getting started
  • Merging documents
  • Using the Pan & Zoom tool
  • Working with layers
  • Using measuring tools
  • Using the Loupe tool
  • Exporting measurements to spreadsheets
  • Using the Cloud Annotation tool
  • Preparing engineering documents for distribution
  • Permanently removing text from PDF documents
Lesson 15 – Using the Legal Features
  • About Bates numbering and redaction
  • Applying Bates numbering
  • Defining Bates numbering
  • Finding Bates numbered PDF documents
  • Editing Bates numbering
  • Applying redaction
  • Setting the Redaction tool properties
  • Searching text for redaction
  • Creating PDF packages
  • Applying security
Lesson 16 – Working with Forms in Acrobat
  • Getting started
  • Converting paper forms to interactive PDF forms
  • Adding text fields
  • Adding check boxes and buttons
  • Distributing forms
  • Tracking and managing forms
  • Exploring on your own: Calculating and validating numeric fields
Lesson 17 – Creating Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer (Windows)
  • About Adobe LiveCycle Designer
  • Getting started
  • Looking at the work area
  • Building new forms
  • Adding text to a form
  • Adding graphics to forms
  • Adding text banners
  • Grouping objects
  • Adding content form fields
  • Adding radio buttons
  • Duplicating objects
  • Adding check boxes
  • Using Custom Library items
  • Adding shapes
  • Adding drop-down lists
  • Adding the current date
  • Previewing and exporting forms
  • Distributing forms
  • Exploring on your own: Exploring Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Lesson 18 – Using Acrobat in Professional Publishing
  • Getting started
  • Creating PDF files for print and prepress
  • Preflighting files
  • Creating custom preflight profiles
  • Printing and layers
  • Previewing your print job
  • Working with transparency
  • Advanced printing controls
  • Setting up color management
  • Exploring on your own: The Acrobat prepress features
Lesson 19 – Making Documents Accessible and Flexible
  • About this lesson
  • About flexibility
  • About accessibility
  • About structure
  • Looking at accessible documents
  • Making files flexible and accessible

Prerequisites & Certificates

Because of the amount of material we cover in class, we do require students to be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files, and the general operations of computers. While we will make every reasonable effort to help, students with insufficient skills may be required to observe the class lessons or do their best to keep up without slowing down the rest of the class. We highly recommend working with the application tutorial before coming to the course.

Certificates offered

Participant receive a certificate of completion. Breakfast and Lunch are included.

Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation/reschedule policy requires notification at least 10 business days before the class start date for a full refund. Please note that you are responsible for notifying NTG of your inability to attend class or you will be invoiced for the full payment.

Should you need to cancel in less than 10 business days before the start of the class, you will be given a 100% credit towards a future class that must be taken within 6 months of the start of the original class. If you are not able to reschedule to a future class, you will be charged 50% of the upfront registration fee.

Classes are subject to cancellation by NTG up to two weeks prior to the class date. It is important to keep this in mind before you purchase a non-refundable airline ticket.

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I liked the pace and the "teach then try" style that was used. It was engaging, we weren't listening to long sets of info then trying to remember it and it made the day fly by. I also retained more as I was instantly engaged with trying the skills myself.
Reviewed by 2016
Todd McCall is a passionate, well-informed and thoughtful instructor. His course exceeded my training needs and his commitment to experiential learning is superb! I will definitely take another class if he is the instructor.
Reviewed by 2014
Andrew was a great instructor!
Reviewed by 2014
Good course, absolutely satisfied
Reviewed by 2013
This was a good course to learn the essentials of Captivate as a software program.
Reviewed by 2012
The instructor was great and followed the curriculum as per Adobe's book but Dreamweaver is a beast of a software with a high learning curve. I found that this course just scratched the surface and taught me the basics and that I would need more practice and learning to create a simple website with ease. This is not a criticism of the course really but I felt I would personally benefit from a slightly slower pace and an extra day. I didn't know that at the time as I seemed to follow the instructor's instructions well and it seemed to make sense in the classroom but once I got home I felt a little stuck!
Reviewed by 2011

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