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Provides competency in designing applications, using advanced tools and controls, creating dialog boxes, using macros, controlling data entry, using dialog boxes to filter records in reports, creating custom switchboards, enhancing applications and more.

Course Outline
This course provides competency in designing applications, using advanced tools and controls, creating dialog boxes, using macros, controlling data entry, using dialog boxes to filter records in reports, creating custom switchboards, enhancing applications, using database utilities, and tailoring applications for multiple users.

Course Outline SECTION 1: Customizing Access Lesson 1.1    
Customizing Menus And Toolbars
Customizing Menus
Creating Menus
Showing And Hiding Toolbars
Customizing Toolbars
Creating Toolbars
Lesson 1.2    
Setting Access Options, Part 1
Setting General And View Options
Setting Keyboard And Editing Options
Setting Datasheet, Form, And Report Options
Setting Page And Tables/Queries Options
Setting Error Checking Options
Setting Advanced Options
Lesson 1.3    
Setting Access Options, Part 2
Setting International Options
Setting Spelling Options
Setting AutoCorrect Options
Setting Start-Up Options
Setting Macro Security Options
Lesson 1.4    
Creating Macros
Using The Macro Design Toolbar
Creating A Macro
Running A Macro
About Macro Groups
Lesson 1.5    
Advanced Macro Uses
Editing A Macro With The Visual Basic Editor
Assigning A Macro To A Keystroke
Assigning A Macro To A Toolbar
Viewing And Printing Macro Definitions
SECTION 2: Advanced Data Tools Lesson 2.1    
Using A Switchboard
Using The Switchboard Manager
Creating A Switchboard
Editing a Switchboard
Deleting A Switchboard
Lesson 2.2    
Creating Data Access Pages
Using The Data Access Page Wizard
Using Design View To Create A Data Access Page
Using An Existing HTML Page
Lesson 2.3     
Modifying Data Access Pages
Adding A Theme
Adding Text And Controls
Formatting Text And Controls
Aligning And Sizing Content
Adding Images
Lesson 2.4
Using Data Access Pages
Basics Of Using Data Access Pages
Viewing Data Entered Via a Data Access Page
Protecting Data
SECTION 3: Advanced Queries Lesson 3.1     
Table Relationships
Normalizing Relationships
Establishing Referential Integrity
Using Cascade Delete and Cascade Update
Setting Fields For Indexing
Using The Index
Lesson 3.2     
Using CrossTab Queries
Understanding CrossTab Queries
Creating A CrossTab Query With The Wizard
Creating A CrossTab Query Manually
Lesson 3.3     
Using Parameter Queries
Setting Up Parameter Queries
Using a Parameter Query
Lesson 3.4     
Advanced Reporting Features
Using AutoFormat
Aligning And Formatting Controls
Adding Pictures And Lines
SECTION 4: PivotTables and PivotCharts Lesson 4.1     
Creating A Pivot Table
Creating a PivotTable Using the Wizard
Continuing Where the Wizard Left Off
More About Fields
Completing Your PivotTable
Lesson 4.2     
Using AutoForm and Creating PivotCharts
Creating a PivotTable Using AutoForm
Creating a PivotChart Using AutoForm
About PivotChart Fields
Completing a PivotChart
Lesson 4.3     
Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
Using a PivotTable
Using a PivotChart
Editing a PivotTable or a PivotChart
Common PivotChart Editing Commands
Turning a PivotTable Into a PivotChart and Vice-Vers
Prerequisites & Certificates

Access Intermediate Level

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