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This Access course is designed for users who are comfortable with basic Access features including creating tables, reports and queries. In the course, participants will create a multi-table database with queries, reports and a customized startup screen.

Course Outline

Advanced Access

This is a 2-day hands-on, instructor-led course.

The course will be presented on Dec 9 and 10, from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In this course, participants work with databases which consist of several tables. The relationships between tables are investigated and more advanced queries and reports are covered. Some of the topics covered in this course include:  

Advanced Report Features ·      Designing reports ·      Sorting and Grouping   ·      Calculations on reports ·      Graphics in reports Advanced Table Features ·      Properties ·      Lookups ·      Joining tables Parameter Queries These special queries make creating and running queries easier. Instead of designing a query from scratch, users simply “fill in the blanks” in a pre-designed query. Advanced Form Features   ·          Forms with subforms ·          Form properties ·          Command buttons such as print report, close form, view other information ·          Calculations on forms Crosstab Queries Crosstab queries produce answers in a spreadsheet-like format. Access’ crosstab query feature is a very powerful feature that helps users see the relationships between field values. Microsoft Excel has a similar feature called a Pivot Table.  Crosstab queries allow you to analyze large amounts of data quickly. A crosstab table that summarizes and analyzes thousands of high school pupils’ marks is shown below. It tells you the Average Mark for girls at South School was 68 and the Average Mark for boys at South School was 66. If you were the Board of Education Superintendent, this pivot table would indicate you need to see what’s happening at West School that’s causing pupils to have such low marks compared to the other schools in the district.   Gender South School North School West School East School F 68% 76% 54% 80% M 66% 72% 60% 85% Action Queries With this feature, users can make a new table by copying existing data into the new table. They can then make changes to a table with the Update Query. They will also be able to append records from one table to another and simultaneously delete a group of records. Calculated Fields In queries, forms and reports, calculations can be used to provide the user with information not normally contained in a table. The calculations range from simple ones that might, for instance, add two fields (e.g. price of an item plus GST) to more complex functions such as If functions. Command Buttons Command buttons are controls used on forms to start an action or a set of actions.  You could, for instance, create a command button that opens a particular form when a user clicks on the button. Command buttons can also be used to start queries, or run and print reports. Importing & Exporting Data can be exported from Access to text files, spreadsheets, or other database programs. As well, information from other packages can be imported into Access to become a table. Switchboards Switchboards are customized screens that users see when they start an Access database. Most users find Switchboards much more user-friendly than Access’ default startup screen. Switchboards contain buttons that allow people to select what they want to do (run a report, add data, etc.).

Prerequisites & Certificates

Good working knowledge of basic Access features including creating tables, queries and reports. Understanding of different field types (text, number, memo, date, etc.)

Certificates offered

Participants will receive: - a manual - files used during the classes - a certificate of completion Fee includes 6 months of free telephone or e-mail support on topics covered during the course.

Cancellation Policy

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