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NATA's new highly interactive Accident Prevention via Human Factors Training seminar has been specifically designed to enhance FBO safety by helping you identify and replace risky practices with safe ones.

Course Outline

Human factors play significant roles in more accidents than do mechanical failures. Identifying and eliminating factors that limit human performance is essential to maximizing safety.

NATA's new highly interactive Accident Prevention via Human Factors Training seminar has been specifically designed to enhance FBO safety by helping you identify and replace risky practices with safe ones. Proper training is key to improving the situational awareness and decision-making necessary to break the chain of events that occur prior to every accident.

A few of the many topics that will be reviewed during this course include; Guidelines for Safe Line Operations, Understanding the Error Management Model and Improving Crucial Decision Making Skills.

Reducing accidents not only will save lives and prevent injuries, it also will have major benefits for your FBO's bottom line.

Who Should Attend:

  • Ramp Personnel
  • Line Service Technicians
  • Line Managers & Supervisors
  • Operations Supervisors
  • FBO Owners and Operators


  • Understand that every accident is the result of a chain of events
  • Recognize veiled threats
  • Develop and refine the ability to monitor and challenge
  • Give your employees critical skills to work safer and smarter
  • Improve profitability and possibly reduce or eliminate insurance premium increases

Featured Speaker:

Tom Salmon, Crew Dynamics International


Tom has over 35 years of experience in commercial and military aviation.  His illustrious career includes being an airline captain, line check airman, simulator instructor and simulator check airman. Tom also has over 18 years of design and training experience as the crew resource management designer and facilitator for Continental Airlines.  He holds several educational degrees including a B.S. in Engineering Management from the US Air Force Academy, and an M.B.A. from the UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Tom perfected his interactive and highly effective teaching style as an Assistant Professor of Management and Economics on the Air Force Academy's faculty. His teaching style plus the wealth of information he provides makes this course the best human factors training in the aviation industry today.

Seminar Topics:

 (8AM - 5PM)


Guidelines for Safe Line Operations

Seminar participants will create and then discuss specific guidelines to enhance ramp safety.


Understanding the Error Management Model

A proven approach to managing human error on the ramp.  This model highlights threats facing line service specialist, and valuable techniques to appropriately manage those threats.


Monitoring and Challenging Less Than Safe Practices

The monitoring and challenging process is a learned skill which all line service specialists need to resolve potential errors.  We will discuss an individual's personal barriers to monitoring and challenging, plus how to monitor and challenge effectively.


 Accident Case Study

A hypothetical accident at your FBO will be explored in depth.  Any accident is the final link in a chain of events.  We will develop the chain of events for this accident; then learn critical skills for recognizing and breaking that chain. 


Improving Crucial Decision-Making

Many times a single decision is a critical link in the chain of events resulting in an accident.  This module focuses on the basic components of a decision-making process for a line service specialist and the many factors which influence that process.


Situational Awareness (SA) on the Ramp

Ramp personnel must maintain excellent SA in order to perform safely.   We will define SA, discuss the causes of poor SA, and highlight specific ways to maintain a high level of this critical skill.


Commitment and Implementation of Safe Practices

We briefly review the concepts and ideas presented in the seminar.  Hopefully, each participant will have found something valuable that he/she will use on the line.  Each line service specialist will verbally commit to some action which will improve safety at their FBO.


Prerequisites & Certificates


Certificates offered

Seminar Manual, Refueling and Quality Control Procedures Guide, Certificate of Completion, 14 CFR 139.321 Fire Safety Certificate, Lunch, Drinks and Prizes

Cancellation Policy
Registration fee is non-refundable, however, substitutions are permitted at anytime. If for any reason you are unable to attend and there is no one who can take your place, you must contact NATA to arrange for a credit. This credit is valid towards any future NATA seminar.
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